Friday, September 11, 2015

A prayer with many applications

I have been gaining so much inspiration from a poem published in our periodical entitled
Prayer for a Congregation by John Daniels. At first I printed it out, had it laminated, and tucked it into my Quarterly so I could refer to it during the silent prayer portion of our Sunday service. I quickly changed my mind and put it in my purse as I could also see referring to it on Wednesday night. Wednesday I served in the practitioner's office on the Principia College campus and it was a good prayer starter for my morning there. Yesterday I used it again while serving in the reading room. Here it is and I hope it is helpful to you as well

Prayer for a congregation

This grace-filled sanctuary, Love's domain,
rejects aggressive dreams of mortal sense,
its doors forever closed to what would veil
the cleansing presence of Truth's clear light.

Bathed in this light no dream of sickness reigns,
no sin nor suffering sense nor fear can claim to be.
No dark phantoms of crippled lives, or arguments
that Life lacks joy, supply, or health,
can enter here, be heard, remembered.

All error's shadows melt in this pure truth
of Life's unchanging fullness
as Love itself removes all inward tears,
and God's children sing with newly wakened joy.