Thursday, November 29, 2012

Don't start with the storm

It had been a long day. Jesus and the disciples were aboard a ship, probably one of Peter's fleet. A great storm arose, great enough to frighten those seasoned sailors. It appeared that there was a power at work that could swamp the boat and send them all to their deaths. Earlier that day Jesus had preached to a great crowd and healed many. But he too seemed almost to be swamped, surrounded by a great multitude clamoring to be heard. How could one person stand against so many?

The disciples woke him and begged for him to save them. I wonder just what it was they wanted him to do? I don't think they expected what happened next. He did not panic, did not whisk them away, did not man the lifeboats. He arose (I always think of that as going higher in thought, seeing the situation as it really was, knowing there was no power but from God who is all good, no destructive force that could threaten God's child). He has already rebuked them for their lack of faith, now he directly addressed the winds and the sea. Remember that Genesis One tells us the God has given us dominion over the oceans.

The wild raging stops. Where there had been fear and danger, there is now a great calm. I wouldn't be surprised if he went back and finished his nap. But those disciples, who had already seen him heal so many supposedly unhealable diseases and defects had not realized he had this kind of power behind him. They marveled.

Recently I woke one day to find I was having trouble walking up the stairs, there was a great pain in one leg and I could not use it normally. Not good in a house with two sets of stairs. It felt something like that great storm that rose up out of nowhere and threatened to cause me pain and discomfort, not to mention limiting and restricting my movements. I had a full day planned and this needed to be addressed and healed. So I 'arose', right where I was standing, lifted my thought up to God. Reasoned out from that one Cause and Creator to see that I could only reflect what was true about the Original. It this wasn't happening to God it couldn't be happening to me. I prayed for several minutes, focusing on the allness of God, the everpresence of good, with great joy and gratitude.  I did not need to be healed of a sore leg, I only needed to see that it was not true about me. I needed to heal that though or suggestion, not my body.

Within a few minutes I was able to climb the rest of the stairs and get on with my day. I don't know exactly when the pain left but I became aware shortly afterward that it was gone and I was moving freely again. I went up and down the stairs many times that day with no further complaints. And with a wonderful sense of calm and dominion and gratitude.

Mrs. Eddy writes 'There is but one primal cause. Therefore there can be no effect from any other cause, and there can be no reality in aught which does not proceed from this great and only cause" (S&H 207)  I just love it when I can turn to God with complete trust and faith. I realized that I had not run to Him yelling, "Help me, I'm in pain here".  I just 'arose' and rebuked the claim. I told it to quiet down and it did.

So don't start with the storm.....'arise' and reason out from the one and only Cause.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Nehemiah's plan of action

I just love Nehemiah. My son and I studied this book of the Bible one year and the benefits of that study continue to bless to this day. What a delight to find him in this week's Bible Lesson about God, the only cause and creator. So how to look at this story with fresh eyes? This morning I am appreciating the way Nehemiah went about this project for it gives me such comfort and strength to see how God will anoint me and appoint me with my own tasks.

Nehemiah was captive to King Artaxerxes but obviously loved him and served him well. He had never appeared before him with sadness before and the king noticed this at once and asked the cause. Now Nehemiah knew he need to proceed with care and he prayed before he answered the king. His sadness was for his home city of Jerusalem, destroyed by invaders, left defenceless with the city gates burned away. So the king poses this question: "For what dost thou make request?"  Nehemiah was not asking for retribution, revenge, or punishment to those who had done this thing. This is such an important moment and we have all had moments like this. We are sad about some wrong and it is apparent to those around us. They might ask us this same question. It might be your spouse, your parents, your children, your boss, a fellow church member. Just what is it that you are asking for? Pray deeply and earnestly before you put that into words, much less actions.

Nehemiah asks permission to leave his duties and go to Jerusalem. At this point in our study my son and I worked with Mrs. Eddy's definition of Jerusalem found on page 589 in Science and Health. We did not want to 'see' Jerusalem as 'mortal belief and knowledge obtained from the five corporeal senses; the pride of power and the power of pride; sensuality; envy; oppression; tyranny'. This is what the mortal sense would present as something needing healing. We wanted to stay with the spiritual definiton of Jerusalem as 'home, heaven'.  That Jerusalem was already perfectly intact,  never under attack or defeated by an enemy, ruined or desolate.

Nehemiah prayed, communed with God, and then proceeded as the way opened up.

I love the way he approached the city, protecting his mission, keeping it quiet as he gathered information so that when he did speak with the inhabitants they were receptive and ready to help. He was able to tell them that God was with them. He makes a request and again it is granted.

I see this pattern often in my own life and love watching God at work. And like Nehemiah, when I am about my Father's business I encounter opposition in one form or another from those who do not understand or may even resent what I am doing. But with Nehemiah as my guide I can stand up to the error and rebuke it without personalizing it. I can always 'watch and pray' first and then the way opens up to proceed.

The city is rebuilt and those who resisted or doubted admitted that the work was supported by God. That is what I want to see with my work each and every day, each and every hour, no matter how big or small the challenge may be at that moment. I never need to present a sad face to the world for I know I can bring this request to God and my Father will open the way.

Thanks for the reminder, Nehemiah.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Seeds of peace

It was a wonderful Thanksgiving and we were just grateful all day long for our many blessings and for having so many of the college kids over to share the feast and the festivities. It was the perfect christening for our 'hot chocolate station'. Our Emily introduces us to this idea and now we set up an area with hot chocolate mixes, chocolate chips, festive and funny mugs, marshmellows, little candy canes, etc. Anyone who comes by fixes up some hot chocolate or flavared teas or hot apple cider.

This morning I woke up humming a hymn and thinking about Christmas decorating. It will take a while to put away all our growing collection of Thanksgiving things and much longer to put out Christmas but we do it slowly over this weekend and it is fun and peaceful.  I found the perfect 'theme' for today's spiritual thinking in the Responsive Reading of this week's Bible Lesson. It is from James 3:18.....And those who are peacemakers will plant seeds of peace and reap a harvest of righteousness.  Since I think of righteousness and right thinking or Truth knowing, this is exactly how I want to approach today and the rest of this holiday weekend.

How often we slip, let down our guard, rest on our oars, and sow the wrong kind of seeds in our thoughts or our conversation. It starts innocently enough as we make an off hand comment or sarcastic remark. But unchecked it is sowing the wrong kinds of seeds and will lead to a very unhappy harvest of discord and inharmony. So I will watch what comes into my thoughts and out of my mouth. Truth and Truth only will be the goal. Good seeds of tenderness and compliments and appreciation.

I will choose to listen for the angels singing and shut out any Herod-like criticism. I will follow the star and see that it leads me to the Christ child, a journey worth taking. I will be patient when I feel like those shepherds watching their flocks day and night and cherish that role as protector and provider. I will take time to be alone with God even in the midst of crowds, crowds of people or crowded thoughts. I will be a "Mary" and spiritualize my concepts about man. I will have the trust in good of a "Joseph" as he nurtures his family.Whenever it comes to mind I will pray for peace on earth, goodwill toward men.

These are the seeds of peace and I welcome the blessings they will bring.  Happy sowing!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving presence and presents

I know I did not realize what a blessed childhood I had. My Dad was a carpenter for many years until he fell off a roof and the resulting injuries changed everything. While he was recovering he spent many hours visiting with the owner of a local pet shop (back in the days before malls and mega pet businesses). The owner and his wife wanted to retire and move to Florida, my parents needed a new direction so they bought The Aquarium Pet Shop. It provided enough for our family of six and the assorted relatives that lived with us on and off over the years. I learned how to make change at the register and check in stock. When I wasn't working at the pet shop, I was home taking care of my younger siblings so Mom could help Dad.

They worked hard. It was not a business you could close and go on vacation and we didn't. But they managed to give us kids a great life and we lived close to dozens of relatives so there was always a wedding, shower, funeral, or someone in the hospital. We were together most weekends as a large, noisy supportive Italian family. Without realizing it, I got excellent training in how to take care of a house and little children. I also saw the value of family and spending holidays sharing traditions.

We did Thanksgiving at Aunt Juanita's house, as she had a huge dining room. Even so, we had to eat in shifts, the little kids eating first and the big kids watching them later when the parents ate. Our dinners were multi courses and we ate for hours and hours. Others dropped in and left during the day and every year I would meet relatives I did not even know I had. When dinner was finally over we gathered everyone in the living room and watched old home movies. What a riot. How I wish I still had those!

When I married, we settled in New England and then moved to California, with another move to Texas. Over the years we lived in many places and the kids changed schools until we settled at Clairbourn and then they went away to Principia for high school and college. But we always had Thanksgiving together. They opt for a very traditional menu and I try to fix their favorite things each year. Now we have six 'grands' in the mix and a whole lot of 'extra kids' from the college as no one should be alone on the holidays. Principia gave the faculty and staff large turkeys this year and our 22 pounder is in the oven right now. I expect it will be but a memory by the time the holiday weekend is over.

But there is always time each Thanksgiving Day to give thanks for all those blessings. It usually comes over me when I watch, yet again, the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade. Or when we watch Miracle on 34th Street. Or when I look around and see everyone eating and laughing around the tables. And now the 'grands' are taking part and they are the ones who ask to hear those funny family stories about when their parents were little.

The thing I am most grateful for is how Christian Science came into my life when I needed it most. It has lifted me and comforted me and supported me. I am a better person for this study of the Bible and Science and Health. And I love being in the full time practice and praying with others. 

May this day and the rest of this holiday season fill you with joy and appreciation. May the coming year offer you opportunities for spiritual growth. God is good, He loves each one of us. The windows of heaven are open wide pouring out blessings and grace.   My heart overflows.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Loving generously

On Saturday morning, the only day Mike and Ian can sleep in, they chose instead to be up bright and early to return to the neighborhoods where they had left bags for donations of canned and boxed foods. They had no idea how many might respond but by the time they returned to the parking lot where all the scouts were meeting up, everyone's cars was filled with bags. No one person made a huge donation but looking at all the bags lined up and ready to take to the food bank one could see 'loving generously' alive and well. Mike and Ian gave generously of their time and effort and they felt very happy with the results.

This week's Sentinel , Praising God, begins with an article entitled Thanks Living and Praise Giving. The author wrote something that I copied into my daily journal. He was describing the time Paul and Silas had been imprisoned, locked in stocks deep below ground. They didn't give in to anger or fear or accusations. They sang and praised God. Everyone in the prison heard them and suddenly there was an earthquake that shook the foundations and everyone cells opened. Many of the prisoners ran away but Paul and Silas chose to comfort the prison keeper who was ready to kill himself for failing in his duty. They put personal safety and freedom aside and loved generously. This active practice of their religion deeply impressed the jailer. He and his family became followers of the Christ.

I was thinking this morning about my love for Christian Science. Am I following the example of Paul and Silas and 'loving generously'?  How can we show our love for this life-changing Science of the Christ? I love our church services. I will look for more opportunities to invite others to attend with me. I love our Sunday school. I am on the substitute teacher list and will be sure I am ready and willing at a moment's notice to step in when needed. I love our periodicals and often share issues or articles with others. I recently sent the issue on praying for those who serve in the military to a young soldier I know. Our lectures have always been precious to me as I can remember how hearing a lecturer define prayer* just burned that into my mind and gave me the conviction that Christian Science was the answer I had been seeking. How could I not want to offer others that opportunity!

And most important of all, I keep copies of the Bible and Science and Health handy to offer whenever I can. I know how it changed my life and continues to bless me in so many ways. I want to love others generously by giving them their own set of books.

The article in this week's Sentinel also says, "God-praising is acting on the impulse of inspired appreciation". As we all take time to praise God during our day, we will be impelled to share our appreciation. It's a wonderful thing to know that no matter how my finances appear, I can always love generously. And so can you.

*Prayer is cultivating that state of awareness that acknowledges the allness of God.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Kindergarten Pilgrims

Katie Rose has been practicing Thanksgiving songs and learning all about the Pilgrims first year in America. Yesterday family and friends were invited to visit the classromm where the kids were all dressed as Pilgrims, sang to us, and then manned their 'stations' where they told us what they had been learning. I was struck by how seriously they behaved. It was obvious that their teacher had instilled a sense of respect for these brave people.

Katie Rose was stationed before a mural the kids had made of the early settlement in Plymouth. She solemnly pointed out their houses, their gardens, and the fact that they had to grow their own food and everyone was expected to work. There was very little there when they arrived so they had to build houses, create gardens and make furniture. And the children dressed exactly like the adults. She looked so precious in her little 'coif', collar and apron.

I thought about that on the way home, as I drove along the freeways lined with every kind of store imaginable, as I travelled easily and quickly from Illinois to Missouri, crossing over bridges, in comfort and ease. And then I started thinking about my 'arrival' into the study and application of Christian Science. I, too, was seeking freedom to worship God the best way I knew. But it was not an easy road.

Unlike the Pilgrims I seemed to have a lot of excess baggage those early years and I had to unlearn a lot of false ideas about myself and others. My personal landscape seemed a bit bleak, as I had to 'build' a new home (consciousness), as I came to understand that God, divine Love, had already furnished it with all I would need, as I learned about the true source of supply and saw it was not dependent on anything but God, good. It was all about 'leaning on the sustaining infinite'.

It's hard to imagine the sacrifices those Pilgrims faced, the courage it took to go to this new land. I think I understand it more now as I have faced and overcome many challenges in my life. I see how I can clothe myself in the panoply of Love and put on the armor of God. Every room in our house has bookshelves overflowing with volumes beloved and cherished. Those Pilgrims had one book, the Bible and there they found all they needed. We are blessed with Science and Health which explains the Bible in ways I would never have thought of on my own.

I am so grateful to have spent the morning with those dear children and been reminded of just how rich and full my life is, how Christian Science has brought healing and goodness and blessing. It was  a true feast in every sense of the word.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Tithes and showers of blessings

I have been thinking about the Golden Text in this year's Thanksgiving Bible Lesson. It reads: "Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the Lord of hosts, if I will not opoen you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there will not be room enough to receive it." That is Malachi 3:10.

Malachi is the last book of the Old Testament. At the beginning of chapter three God promises this: Behold, I will send my messenger, and he shall prepare the way before me."  This book is meant for two types of religious people, the sincerely religious who have lost heart through the prevailing wickedness of the times and are beginning to question God's goodness, and the wordly and covetous, who are religious only in name.  Malachi was an advanced thinker who recognizes Jehovah as a universal God, a Father of Nations. Jehovah has promised that He will come to His temple but that promise had not yet been fulfilled.

As I studied our Golden Text it occured to me that it is a two-parter. The first part tells us what we are supposed to do and the second part tells what God will do for us. Now, why would God open the windows of heaven and pour us out more than we can recieve if we have already filled the storehouse?

I think we are to be doing our part, that is tithing. Giving God ten percent. Of what? What can we give God when He already has all and is the sourve of all good? Our love, our gratitude, our praise, our attention. The day has 24 hours, do I devote 2.4 hours giving God my undivided attention? Hmmmmm. I spend a lot of time praying and studying. 2.4hours? Well, if you factor in all the times I hold conversations with Him, all the time I intentionally get quiet and listen for His direction, it might be that much. Am I bringing all that into the 'storehouse'? Does storehouse represent my spiritual consciousness, my reflection of divine Mind? Am I taking time each day to bring those thoughts and ideas to thought?  It is a worthy goal.

God doesn't need what I bring, He looks for my cheerful giving of those things. It's a bit like Cain and Abel, which gift was respected for its purity, which was rejected because it was not given with a full heart but grudgingly. The windows of heaven are wide open and God is constantly blessing His children. Abundantly. Overflowing. More than we can comprehend.

I guess that is what Thanksgiving is all about, that giving back to God with a willing and grateful heart. Remembering to say thank you. Following the book of Malachi are the four gospels and their good news. God has opened the windows of heaven and sent us the Messiah, His own Son. It is good to be reminded of this as we round the corner from Thanksgiving and Christmas looms on the horizon.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Have you ever wished you could change your name?

I went through a phase when a new girl moved to our town. All the other kids in the class were long-time friends. Here was someone new and everyone wanted to be friends with her. I loved her name, Judith, and I decided I wanted to change my name. My mom laughed when I asked her about it, but then she saw I was serious and we had a long talk about what was behind that request.

As we talked I came to see that what I really wanted was a fresh start, to have people see me as the new girl and want to be my friends. Judith was getting to know me for the first time and I wanted her to think I was all things wonderful. She did not know my past history or have any idea of what I was like. It was a real opportunity to have a 'do over'.

I see now that I had accepted some things about myself, was thinking and behaving in ways, that I wanted to change. And I wanted others to get to know this new me. My name did not need to change, just how I was thinking about myself. I could and did express all the same qualities I was admiring about Judith and I could do that in a way that was unique to me. Just changing my name would not accomplish that.

So I paid attention, not only to Judith, but to the others in the class as well. I think I even made a list of the things I liked about them and it gave me a mission. Those same qualities belonged to me as well. Now, through my study of Christian Science, I have gained a clearer understanding of God and of myself, made in His very image and likeness. Everything true about the original must also be true about the reflection. And it was already true, I didn't have to grow into it. I just had to recognize and claim it as truth.

Judith and I did become friends and I was sad when her family moved away a few years later. This week's Bible Lesson brought her back to thought as I studied the story of Jacob and his wrestling match with the angel. Jacob was afraid that his brother hated him and would punish him for something Jacob had done years ago. He had run away then and was only returning home now because God had told him it was time. But he was afraid that he was going to be punished. What he did not see was that he was not the same person he had been. He had been growing as he learned more about God and his true identity as God's beloved son. I think Esau had also been doing some growing because when the brothers met it was a joyous reunion. All was forgiven. As a result of this spiritual wrestling Jacob's name was changed. He was no longer a deceiver but a prince who had prevailed over that earlier personality.

You do not lose your identity by turning to God, you find it. Mrs. Eddy writes: "Breaking away from the mutations of time and sense, you will neither lose the solid objects and ends of life nor you own identity."  In fact, as she writes, this blesses us with 'enlarged individuality, a wider sphere of thought and action, a more expansive love, a higher and more permanent peace'.

That's when you find your true name.

Monday, November 12, 2012

A new week - a new lesson to look forward to

It it always interesting to see how these rotating topics can remain fresh and filled with new inspiration. We study the same 26 topics, in the same order, twice a year, sometimes for many years, and yet there is always more to learn, more to see, more to understand. A wonderful promise awaits each week. I felt that strongly this morning. I love to 'preview' the lesson on Sunday afternoon when I mark my books with the new Lesson and go over it in my full text Quarterly to see what ideas jump out. Then on Monday morning I love to start this portion of my daily study by reading the excellent column provided in the Sentinel called In the Christian Science Bible Lesson. There are always good points brought out and today I just loved the idea that I can think of 'body' not so much as my own individual body but I can expand on that thought to see all of us who are studying and practicing Christian Science as a 'body'. Like a 'body of work', God's body of work with His infinite ideas and reflections. It put a whole new spin on the sections of the Lesson. A community of ideas.

Then I listened to the Daily Lift, a free service provided by The Mother Church. It comes to me as an email, a short (usually less than 5 minutes) daily boost recorded by one of the members of our Board of Lectureship. A mini lecture, if you will. Today's Daily Lift referred to listening to a symphony and included the idea of each one of us, each individual idea of divine Mind, having something valuable to add to the symphony. I know very little about classical music but can appreciate the idea that to those who know the music, they would be aware if one of the instruments was not represented. The symphony is enriched by each one's contribution. Each having something valuable to add. I like that. It makes my little part of value to God and to a bigger circle, a wider sphere of thought and action.

How grateful I am for all the avenues open to us in this marvelous age of technology. All circling back to the revelations and demonstrations of a remarkable woman, Mary Baker Eddy. I love being part of that 'body' and I look forward to a week of seeing more about my true substance, life, and intelligence.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fun house mirror or true reflection?

If you found yourself standing in front of a fun house mirror and what you saw was a very distorted view, would you pray to heal that picture? Or, would you laugh at how funny you look, not at all dismayed, because you know that is not the real you? How many times are we presented with a 'fun house' picture of ourselves or someone else and we buy into that false representation?

Jesus was never fooled by what appeared before him as a distorted version of God's perfect child, His very image and likeness. His disciples traveled with him for three years and witnessed first hand how he dealt with those distorted views and helped suffers see themselves as they really were and had been all along. Even those closest to him did not fully understand his teachings. I was at a talk recently where his followers were referred to as the 'duh-ciples' with their many 'duh' moments. It was a funny reference but I have to admit to 'duh' moments of my own.

Peter saw Jesus raise Jairus' daughter from what appeared to be death. They had been called to the scene, but stopped along the way to heal a woman who had an infirmity for many years. The father must have felt some impatience as Jesus healed her, especially when members of his household came to tell him that his daughter was dead. Before he could even formulate any resentment that had Jesus gotten there sooner she would have been saved, Jesus told him to fear not, all was not lost.

They arrive to find a crowd of professional mourners doing their utmost to be hired for the funeral, a common practice at that time. But Jesus dismissed them, putting them all out and bringing that chaos to quiet order. He allowed her parents and his disciples to remain. Then he took her hand and spoke to her. That would have been pointless is she had truly been dead. He knew her life was in her and she responded to his words. Years later, when Jesus was no longer with them, Peter would be called to a similar scene.

A wonderful woman named Tabitha/Dorcas had been much beloved for her many good works and selfless giving. Here too Peter arrives to find a crowd of weeping mourners. Perhaps remembering what Jesus had done, he puts them all out. Then he prays. Turning to the body, he speaks to her, probably aware of her inability to be separated from Life, God, and with every expectation that she can hear him. She does, and she opens her eyes. He is able to present her to her friends alive and well.

That same Christ, the action of divine Love, is present to calm every scene of chaos and grief. It speaks to each of us, fully expecting us to be able to hear and respond to the message of divine Principle, the law of everpresent good meeting every human need. As we pray for those affected by the recent storms on the east coast, we can know that what is being presented is not the true reflection. We can silence the weeping and wipe away the tears. Help is at hand.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Don't be out voted!

Most of our country is focused on the election taking place today. But there is another vote we can be aware of and it is referred to in this week's Bible Lesson, Mortality and Immortality. I just love it when I read a familiar passage in the Bible and find something new and wonderful. That happened this morning as I read Joshua 14. In this chapter Joshua is approached by his friend Caleb who reminds him of something that happened 45 years ago. They were 40 years old at the time and proven soldiers. Moses sent them on ahead to scout out the Promised Land of Canaan. They had arrived at its border and were unsure of what they would find there. Of the 'committee' sent to check it out, only Joshua and Caleb came back with glowing reports and a willingness to move forward. The others saw only the size and strength of those who would oppose them. They were out-voted and spent the next two decades wandering in the wilderness.

How many of us come right up to the border of a healing message? We have prayed about something and are waiting for the angel message. But the material picture is so powerful, the opposition so strong, the arguements so persuasive that this situation will not yield, that we will not be able to overcome this 'enemy', that we, too, believe we have been out-voted and we back away from the healing Truth.

Joshua and Caleb remained strong in their understanding of God and His divine plan of unceasing good. It seemed like the fearful, uncertain thinking of the others needed time to let go of all they had believed to be true about themselves during their 'Egypt' years of captivity. Don't be afraid to be lead out of 'Egypt' thinking. Remember who it is that is leading you! Trust in the place He has picked out for you. Move forward unafraid. Nothing can stand in your way, nothing can resist this good. And for heaven's sake, don't allow yourself to be out-voted by the doubts, whether they come disguised as your own thoughts or the opinions of those around you.  Stick to what you know to be true.

Joshua understood that he was not subject to that intimidating thought. You can know that you are not subject to (fill in the blank) either. God is your Father and Life is the law of your being. What you 'be' is determined by divine Mind and cannot be reversed or revert to something God never made. Be. Being is present tense. It is what is true right now.

Reach for those 'higher conceptions of loveliness', 'exempt from age and decay'. And DO NOT be out-voted.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Feeling God's presence all day long

This morning I looked at the entry for November 1st in Streams in the Desert, a daily devotional by Mrs. Charles Cowan. It is one of my favorite sources for inspiring thoughts. It was compiled many years ago when she was with her Missionary husband serving in China.  Here is an excerpt that will stay with me all day today. It helps answer that question, "How can I feel God's presence?".

It is not necessary to be always speaking to God or always hearing from God, to have communion with Him; there is an inarticulate fellowship more sweet than words. The little child can sit all day long beside its busy mother and, although few words are spoken on either side, and both are busy, the one at his absorbing play, the other at her engrossing work, yet both are in perfect fellowship He knows that she is there, and she knows that he is all right. Every little thing he does is touched with the sense of His approval and blessing. How sweet it is to feel God so close at all times, filling all space with divine Love.

Nothing can separate the two. That is how it is with us and our Father Mother God.

It just that simple. And wonderful.