Friday, October 30, 2009

Standing pools and no decreases

I love the Bible. I love studying the Bible. I just love it when something I read opens up with new meaning. Recently I purchased a new parallel Bible. It allows the reader to compare four modern translations; the New King James version, the English Standard version, the New Living Translation, and The Message. I hope you are familiar with one or more of these versions. I am using it this morning as I continue to study the Thanksgiving Lesson.

So many requests for prayer and treatment are related to supply. The first section of the Lesson offers some help in that area. Psalm 107 says that God turns the wilderness into a standing water and the ground into watersprings. One of the translations changes ground into parched land. I can see using this to pray about dried up sources of finance or emptied bank accounts or limited employment. Another translation changes standing water into fresh pool of water. I like the image of what appears to be a dried up source changed into a pool of fresh water; sweet, clean, refreshing, giving off a perfect reflection.

I have never been to Niagra Falls but understand it is totally awe inspiring to stand beside it and see the amount of water that is flowing...and flowing....and flowing. What a visual presentation of abundance being constantly renewed and expressed.

We also read that God blesses us, multiplying us greatly and suffers not our cattle to decrease. I don't happen to own any livestock but I devote my full time and attention to being available for Christian Science treatment, Christian healing. Giving my days over to loving God and praying for His children is my occupation and I expect it to expand and increase. What Christian Science offers is healing and the world is looking for it. I can expect those calls to increase, not decrease. Whatever your occupation is, you can expect more opportunities to use the gifts and talents God has given you to increase. This in turn brings in more supply, not just in money but in spiritual growth.

So be aware of that lovely pool of water being provided for you. Know that divine Love is blessing you daily, multiplying the good in your life.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Passing through on dry ground

This morning I continued to study the first section of the Thanksgiving Bible Lesson. It includes that passage from Science and Health where Mrs. Eddy refers to the children of Israel being guided triumphantly through the Red Sea, which she defines as 'the dark ebbing and flowing tides of human fear. How often do we find ourselves standing in front of just such a picture? We seem to be facing an insurmountable problem, like debt or illness, with an army of negative thoughts coming at us from all sides. It would appear there is no way out.

Right at that point, God does something wonderful. He parts the Red Sea. That very obstacle that seemed impossible, divides, and the children of Israel walked right through it on dry ground. They didn't even have to deal with mud. The army that tried to follow them was simply washed away.

God is always ready to 'part the Red Sea' for us. It has no power to resist His power. It must yield and obey His law. It cannot so much as make the way sticky. You, His beloved child, can pass right through that trial on dry ground, a firm foundation, with nothing to impede your progress, nothing to slow you down.

If you feel trapped or backed into a corner, when escape from an overwhelming challenge looks impossible, remember that you are not in this alone. God, divine Love, is always right here, right now. Ready to part that Red Sea. Providing you with a firm foundation. Eliminating whatever is trying to threaten or pursue you. And when you get safely to the other side, pause to thank Him for your deliverance. For your freedom. Acknowledge your status as His child. See yourself under His protection. This is who He is. This is what He does. And you don't have to earn it, it is yours by His grace.

Don't be afraid to step out confidently as Love opens the way. It would be pretty silly to stand there looking at the dry ground and not move forward with gratitude and expectation of good. He isn't going to let those waters close over you or let your enemies overtake you. Here is an opportunity to see Him at work. Watch it happen.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I am deep into holiday preparations with my son and daughter. Most of the grands are in their teens and want to have parties with their friends. Ian and Katie Rose, six and two, are just beginning to see how our family celebrates the fall holidays.

What fun to see a holiday refered to in the Thanksgiving Bible Lesson. The Lord is instructing Moses on what He wants the people to do. They are to celebrate from Sabbath to Sabbath for one week. The outline for the Sabbath is given in Exodus 12: 1 - 14. The beginning of the grain harvest included waving a sheaf of new corn before the Lord as an acknowledgement of His bounty. We will include corn in our Thanksgiving menu this year.

During the week the people had the Festival of Booths or Tabernacles. It was observed from the 15th to the 22nd in October and marked the end of the agricultural year when the combined produce for that year as well as the grain harvest has been secured. It was a time of great rejoicing and they camped out in booths constructed of branches. These could be set up on their roof or out in the street. They commemorated the sojourn in the wilderness.

In all the hubub of planning, shopping, cooking and eating of your Thanksgiving feast this year, be sure to take moments to praise God. The Lesson reminds us that He satisfieth the longing soul and filleth the hungry soul with goodness. Reach out to family, friends and neighbors sharing your love for God. let gratitude permeate your days. Be grateful. Give thanks.

Feel free to camp out in the back yard.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


So just what is it for which we are to be giving thanks? We live in challenging times. The world seems sunk in depression, many are struggling with finances, the news is filled with health threats. How does one keep thought uplifted and grateful? It all goes back to God. The Thanksgiving Bible Lesson opens with a Golden Text from Psalms. "Sing unto the Lord with thanksgiving". Have you ever sung to God? Have you ever taken a moment to sing your gratitude for the good that is already present in your life? We all should find time for that every day. Watch for and be aware of the good happening all around you.

Many people have those hand-held music thingies with playlists of their favorite songs. They listen to them often. Somewhere in your own personal favorites there must be a line about love. Try adapting it to sing silently to God and tell Him you love Him. That warm feeling you get is Him singing "I love you back".

The Lesson continues with a Responsive Reading that encourages you to make that joyful noise, coming into His presence with praise. What are we so happy about? He is our God and we are the sheep in His pasture. He is our Father Mother and we are His beloved children. He is divine Mind and we are what He is thinking about. He is Love and we are what He is loving.

I love the description in this section of what God does for us. He prepares the 'corn' and provides it, the things we will need. (Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need) Once we plant this 'corn,' this seed, in thought, it needs to be tended and nourished. So He waters the soil, a softening influence in stony or stubborn ground. He settles the furrows, smoothing out the rough patches in life. He keeps it soft with showers, showers of goodness and blessing. He blesses what springs forth as a result. All this leads to a wonderful harvest, the coming to fruition of our prayers and hopes. Your 'year', your efforts are crowned with success and there should be rejoicing on every side. What blesses one, blesses all. Those green pastures are now filled with flocks; flocks of ideas, evidence of abundance, glowing health. You should be moved to shout with joy.

But God is satisfied with that quiet song. A simple 'I love You'. Sing one today.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Getting ready for Thanksgiving

I know, I know, Halloween hasn't come yet and here I am talking about Thanksgiving. But it is one of my favorite holidays and especially dear to me as a Christian Scientist. Our churches hold a service on Thanksgiving Day. You are invited. If you can't get to a service, you can get the Thanksgiving Bible Lesson in the form of a small pamphlet. I'd be delighted to send you one!

So, over the next few weeks that is what my blog will be about. Thanksgiving and the some of the thoughts in this wonderful lesson. You can be thinking back on some of your families gatherings. Remember those feasts and be grateful for those who spent hours and hours getting all those yummy dishes ready, set a beautiful table, did the cleaning up, and set out all those leftovers for turkey sandwiches while you watched the reruns of the Macy's parade or Miracle on 34th Street.

This is a time for happiness and gratitude. Make the most of it for the next few weeks. It is a very satisfying thing to do.

Friday, October 23, 2009

...for the prince of this world cometh, and hath nothing in me (John 14:30)

This morning I pulled out a little book of daily devotionals. I'm not even sure how I was lead to do that but I am so grateful that I did. I opened to the entry for October 23 and found the Scripture mentioned above. When I first read it, I was disappointed. I thought I had been lead to this book for a purpose and those words did not inspire me. In fact, I was not sure what they meant. So I read further.

The writer explained it like this. Imagine you owned 10,000 acres of land. You buy 9,999 of those acres but I keep one acre for myself in the very center of that property. And I reserve the right to cross through your property to get to mine whenever I want to and you can't stop me. It would be like choosing to live your life to your highest sense of right but keeping one little place open for wrong thoughts or motives. You are allowing error to creep in, or boldly march in, whenever it wants to and make its presence known and felt.

But Jesus says: the prince of this world cometh, and hath nothing in me. He has no property, no place in me. Every child of God, every child of Good, can look error or temptation or illness or lack in the face and say: you have nothing in me - no territory that you occupy, no domain, no dominion. Not over what I say or think or do. You cannot influence me in any way. You cannot make yourself felt or obeyed. You do not control me. I am the Lord's property. I am my Father's child.

That is a very powerful message and I am so looking forward to using this idea today. I hope you will too.