Monday, November 30, 2009


I am so looking forward to studying this week's Bible Lesson on God the only Cause and Creator. Imagine what your day will be like if you see everything that happens as caused by divine Love, as created by divine Mind, including yourself. God is wonderful and awesome, not just a loving God but Love itself, not just a living presence but Life itself, the Truth behind all of His creation. The Lesson begins with the keynote to 'come and see' the works of God. Come. See. The first thing I thought of was Jesus telling Peter to 'come' when he walked on water. Peter stepped out of the boat and as long as he kept his eyes on the Master, he could 'see' the power that controls the wind and the waves. Come. See.

The Responsive Reading begins to expand on those commands. The very first word is 'behold'. I always watch for that word. When it begins a sentence. it is much like that command to 'come and see', it means something connected to the activity of God is about to be revealed. We are to pay special attention. Isaiah describes what almost sounds like a parade. His reward is with Him and His works before Him. Everyone that He has created is there moving before Him and everything that He has created moves in accord with Him. How amazing it would be to go witness such a parade. It is possible for us to do this, in fact, we should be thinking of God and His creation that way. We are part of the parade.

Isaiah continues on to say 'lift up your eyes on high'. Now, I live with my teenage grandson and there is much 'lifting up of the eyes' in the sense of rolling his eyes when reminded about chores or questioned about school grades. This is not what Isaiah is telling us to do. Look up not down. If you find yourself with your head hanging down in exhaustion or despair, lift it up instead. Lift your thought and 'behold'. God's wonders are all around you at all times and under all circumstances. You are always in the presence of divine Love and surrounded by the protection of divine Principle. Isaiah understood that because God is strong in power not one of us can fail. For we are His exact image and likeness, just like the reflection in the mirror. That is what is true about us. That is how He created us and His creation does not change or decay or fall or run out of money or ideas.

I work and pray with our hymnal every day. Today it will be with hymn 246. I'll keep that open on my desk and refer to it all day long. It is based on this verse from Isaiah. If you are struggling with finances or worried about giving your loved ones a happy Christmas, look at the second line: He who depends on Thee, ne'er is forspent. Are you feeling a bit 'forspent'? God is the source of your supply. If He can't run out of something, than you can't either. Come and See what He has available for you. It may come in the form of an idea or it may mean some unexpected supply appears.

This week remind yourself several times a day to 'come and see'. What you are turning to and looking for is the good works of God. You will not be disappointed.

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