Tuesday, December 22, 2009

just who was he?

For unto you is born this day in the city of David, a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord. (Luke 2:11)

It occured to me that none of the disciples were present when Jesus was born. They didn't even know about him until 30 years later. So where do all the details of the Nativity come from? I think we owe Luke the thanks for that. He gathered eye witness accounts of all that happended and that included Mary's memories.

Jesus was born in the humblest of circumstances but the air above was filled with an angel chorus. The little family was in a nondescript stable or cave but a bright star drew kings to honor his arrival. His birth was contrary to the laws of life, his death was contrary to the laws of death. He did not own wheat fields or a fleet of fishing ships and yet he fed multitudes...twice...with left overs. He did not own a home laid with lush carpets but he walked on water, supported by divine Love. When he died, few mourned the event, but millions know about him now. Sin never touched him. Those who tried to put him in a grave learned that his body rose again, no dust to dust but the child of Genesis One.

Was he merely the son of Mary and Joseph who lived 2,000 years ago and had a brief career as a healer and teacher? Or is he so much more than that. Is he the greatest gift we have ever been given?

Yes, he is. He did it all for us. Your burden has been lifted. Your sin has been forgiven. Your life has been redeemed. It is not about Christmas presents, it is all about Christmas presence. Christmas is all about God's gift of love. How many presents do you choose to leave unopened? Open this one and rejoice.

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