Friday, January 21, 2011

Jesus' question: where have you laid him?

Studying a recent Bible Lesson on Life, I was brought up short by this question. Suddenly I saw it in a new light. Jesus didn't need to know where they had laid the body of his friend Lazarus. He may have wondered where they were holding Lazarus in thought. We know where Jesus held him, safe in the encircling arms of divine Love, perfectly well and whole with divine Life.

It made me question myself, when I see someone struggling with a physical problem, or a financial question, or an unhappy relationship....where I am putting that person? My first reaction should be to pattern the Master, and immediately lift that false belief, denying that any such thing could be true about God or His beloved creation. God is the only Cause and Creator and we are told in the Bible that He saw all that He had created and it was very good. God did not and does not create physical challenges. God, good, is the source of all supply, an undisturbed flowing out of His abundance. Mrs. Eddy says the divine Love always had met and always will meet every human need. Psalm 23 assures us we shall not be 'in want'. Since God, divine Love fills all space and is always expressing Himself, Love fills all space and is always expressing itself to us, through us, for us, as us. There are no gaps in Love. There are no misunderstandings or resentments or built up anger in divine Mind.

So that question was a reminder to watch my thinking when faced with some picture of illness or lack or loss or unhappiness. Where do I immediately place that person in my thought? With God. Healing is the inevitable result.

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