Friday, February 8, 2013

Be preserved blameless - part two

I am still thinking about being 'preserved blameless'. That can be a two-parter. First, we can be preserved, kept in our original innocency, blameless - free from being blamedfalsely by anyone for anything. Even ourselves. We can understand and express being innocent, not guilty of any fault or failing.  Are you unhappy with your appearance? You can pray to see your connectedness is God, your oneness with the Father, as Jesus saw it. As God is pure and holy, so is His image and likeness. Pure, good, holy as the original. No one or nothing can attach blame to us. We cannot be made to accept blame. That is not the truth of our spiritual identity, the perfect idea of divine Mind, the beloved child of our Father, what is true about Truth, the pure uprightness of Principle.

Part Two is to see that we are not ever doing the blaming. Every day I pray with the daily duties Mrs. Eddy outlined for us. One of them, found in our Manual on page 40, is The Rule for Motives and Acts. Don't be a 'blamer'. We must watch our thoughts and actions to see that we are not judging or condemning. Do you blame yourself or your parents or your surroundings for some flaw, physical or otherwise? Instead, pray to see that you cannot accept anything but what God has created and caused. If He didn't make it, He didn't cause it, it cannot be real. And He never created or caused evil. So you cannot be made to believe that you have to place blame. Except to see that the source of that suggestion is nothing claiming to be something, a mind seperate from divine Mind. That's not possible as God fills all space. Don't wrestle with the claim, see it as powerless.

The Hebrew boys were blameless, they had done nothing wrong in choosing to honor and worship God alone. Mrs. Eddy writes that Love has no sense of hatred. They did not blame the king or those who had 'turned them in'. They did not blame a silly law. They chose only to put their faith in God and leave the rest to Him. And they were preserved. And the king saw that protection in a way that could not be denied and he changed his law.

The woman with 'the spirit of infirmity' appeared to be so bowed down by some 'blame' that she could 'in no wise lift up herself'. Jesus saw her, called her to him, and healed her by lifting that blame. He told her she was loosed from that infirmity. Whatever had been crushing her spirit and body for 18 years was removed. She was made straight. Preserved blameless. He did this in front of a crowd and all saw it and if there had been any blame attached to her in their thought, that too was lifted.

The Rule for Motives and Acts is provided for a daily reminder that we must watch our thoughts and actions, preserve them blameless. We must not judge or condemn ourselves or anyone else. It is a sacred responsibility that may take some pratice but the rewards are great. We can witness and experience awesome protection and healing. That is worth the effort.

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