Thursday, August 29, 2013

Why I love the Christian Science Monitor

I sent off an email this morning to the paper is praise of the latest issue. I love the Monitor and love sharing it with others. Here's what I wrote.

I simply has to email you about the latest issue of the Christian Science Monitor Weekly. I almost always find at least one article to share but this issue was jam-packed. I have sent my son, a Taco Bell fan, the Good Reads article about 'Innovations at Taco Bell'. We'll see what he thinks of the breakfast waffle tacos.  My granddaughter just started college classes this week and she will get "Note taking without paper', an excellent article with five apps for note taking, highlighting a PDF, and organizing your thoughts.  One grandson will love the article from Tokyo about 'A giant leap for robotkind' and Kirobo, a robot that can function at zero gravity that was launched into space August 4th and will take up residence at the International Space Station where the first Japanese captain of the ISS will activate it in November. I am a great fan of mystery novels and appreciated the Books for Global Readers article, 'Murder in Quebec', about Louise Penny and her mystery series featuring Chief Inspector Gamache. What intrigues me is this: "Armand Gamache had always held unfashionable beliefs. He believed that light could banish shadows. That kindness was more powerful than cruelty, and that goodness existed, even in the most desperate places." I will look forward to reading those books and my thanks to Yvonne Zipp for her great article. The issue was rounded out by the Christian Science Perspective article, 'The timeless power of 'I have a dream', exactly what I wanted to pray with yesterday on the anniversary of that historic speech. Many thanks to everyone at the Monitor for this wonderful issue!

The Monitor needs our support and we all know it was dear to Mrs. Eddy's heart, the culmination of her devotion to the cause of Christian Science. I do miss the daily paper but these new weekly issues always yield something I can share with others or something informative for myself.

Have you shared the Monitor with anyone recently?

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Anonymous said...

I found your blog as I was hunting for the notes app article online. I, too, thought this was a great issue, with lots of articles to clip and send around. Did you catch the latest essay by Robert Klose? It was a pleasure for those of us who for many years have been following the antics of Anton.

I like to send my clips via the internet so it's really frustrating that it seems so difficult to find articles on line. Inputting the article title into the search box often gets me exactly nowhere. Sigh. I've told them about this problem...

I'm looking forward to reading the Louise Penny mysteries but I'm going to go back and start at the beginning of the series.

Thanks for your post!