Thursday, March 6, 2014

What about migraines? Well, Aunt Tootsie, let me tell you about that.

Last night I gave a testimony in our church service and I'd like to share it here as well.

Christian Science came into my life when I was in my early twenties. I had not been studying it long when I knew I wanted to join The Mother Church and a local branch church. But at that time I was still holding on to some bad habits and long held beliefs. It was not hard to give up drinking alcohol as I had never done much of that. It was also fairly easy to stop smoking. Again, I had not been doing that for very long and mostly because I thought it made me seem older and sophisticated with my co-workers. But choosing to rely completely on Christian Science for my health and well being was another matter altogether.

I had been a very sickly child, often at the doctor's office for shots and prescriptions for medicine. My relatives were familiar with my missing lots of school and dealing with frequent ailments. So they were quite surprised at my new direction. And not a little worried. I was reading Science and Health and gaining so many new and wonderful insights about God and my  relationship to Him as His beloved child, made in His image and likeness, perfect as the Original I reflected. The reading room was nearby and I spent many hours studying and asking the librarians questions. They were patient and loving and met me where I was in thought. But the two most helpful avenues at that time were the Christian Science Monitor and the Wednesday evening church services.

When the Monitor arrived in our mailbox I eagerly turned to the metaphysical article that appeared daily. While Science and Health seemed difficult to grasp, these articles were written at such an accessible level that I was always inspired. I looked forward to them and cut many out to save and ponder. Nowadays I love sharing current Monitor articles with others who are new to Christian Science and/or those who want to pray about world issues.

The Wednesday evening meetings were such a revelation! Ordinary people, friends I was just getting to know, would stand up and share experiences and remarks about how they were applying the teachings of Christian Science to any and all problems or challenges. And they were getting healed! I also fell in love with the hymnal and found so many both simple and profound ideas in the hymns. I work with a different hymn every day and keep a paperback hymnal in the car.

As I would go back to family gatherings, my relatives could see how my life was being changed for the better. But they had reservations. Some of them had been able to stop drinking or smoking by one means or another so that was not so spectacular. But all of them relied on medicine and they just couldn't imagine how I could get by without it. One of my aunties, who had sat in a darkened room with me many a time in childhood, asked how I was able to bear my migraine headaches. I told her I had not had a migraine in twenty years. (If she were still around I could extend that to forty years now) I shared with her how I had worked with a Christian Science practitioner and being healed of those migraines and this was the best part. Once healed, they never returned! That impressed her.

Sometimes I forget how truly blessed I am in all the freedom I experience and express in my life. So many limitations overcome. So much spiritual progress. My life is anything but dull and it is good to understand that God is the source of all the goodness and blessings.

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