Tuesday, June 24, 2014

discipleship and signs following

As I study this week's Bible Lesson on Christian Science I am struck by the many references to discipleship. Have you ever wished you could have been one of Jesus' students or heard him teach or seen him heal? Have you ever wished you could have met Mrs. Eddy, heard her preach, been in one of her classes? I certainly have. But what I am discovering in my on-going study of Christian Science and the Bible is that as I strive to understand the Gospels and continue reading Science and Health consecutively...that does make me one of Jesus' disciples, one of Mrs. Eddy's students.

The Lesson brings out how the disciples were able to demonstrate and apply Jesus' teachings, follow his example, and heal all manner of sickness and all manner of disease. Mrs. Eddy was a devoted follower of Jesus and as the Science of Christianity dawned on her thought she too began to heal all manner of sickness and all manner of disease. She even raised Calving Frye from death, as Peter had been able to do with Dorcas. Signs following.

Both Jesus and Mrs. Eddy had such love for all mankind. They just loved unconditionally. I was just reading a passage in the new amplified We Knew Mary Baker Eddy book about how she reached out to one of her wayward students, one who was actively opposing her, and invited her to come to Pleasant View. She spent the next two days praying for their meeting. The woman did not come and therefore did not get the healing she needed but Mrs. Eddy was so willing to just love her despite the animosity.

Peter had been paying attention when Jesus raised Jairus' daughter from death. He was willing to go to those disciples who were grieving over the loss of this dear woman who had been so loving. All they wanted to do was show him all the lovely things she had made but he did not want to get caught up in their display. He put them all out, as Jesus had put out the wailing mourners. Then he kneeled down, facing away from the body. When his own thought was clear, he turned back to her and spoke to her, obviously expecting her to hear and respond. And she did. Signs following.

How many 'signs following' will we be demonstrating today? A good student will pay attention to his teacher and then put it into practice. Christian Science practice. That's what we should all be doing. With signs following.

These signs shall follow them that believe. Are we expecting that to be true today? It is what Jesus expected of his disciples and what Mrs. Eddy expected from her students. Healing. Seeing man as spiritual and perfect. With signs following.

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