Friday, December 4, 2015

Gathering at the manger

How are you gathering at the manger this Christmas?

Wise men saw a star whose light guided them to the child. They came prepared with gifts to celebrate with great joy and to worship him.

Shepherds tending their flock in a field that night were visited by an angel with news of the newborn Savior, the fulfillment of Isaiah's prophecy. They came to the manger to marvel and with expectation.

How are we approaching the manger? The invitation has been issued. How will we respond? Reverently, with wonder?

This child was the greatest gift ever given.

Are we looking upward to the stars and appreciating the light of Truth?

Are we listening for angel messages from angel messengers?

Amid all the holiday preparations, the shopping, the wrapping, decorating the tree and the house, watching Christmas specials and playing Christmas music, have we set aside time for quiet reflection? Stepped outside on a frosty evening to look up in wonder? Are we listening for angels?

One way to honor Christmas is to thoughtfully read the account of the Nativity in the gospels of Matthew and Luke. Those were real people, real places, real events.

Picture yourself drawn to and standing beside that manger. How does it feel to be in the presence of the Christ? Divine Love is radiating and encompassing us all the time.  Be quiet, calm, respectful.

Stand beside the manger in thought.

Praise God and let heaven and nature sing. 

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