Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Do you know how pearls are made? A little grain of sand gets into the shell and literally under the oyster's skin. Unable to dislodge it, the oyster produces a substance that coats the tiny irritant. Now the intruder is not so prickly, but it is still there. So the oyster continues to add layers to it and over time a lustrous pearl is the result.

Anything managed to get 'under your skin' lately? If you have been unable to dislodge it immediately, you have two choices. You can continue to be irritated...or you can create a pearl. A pearl of wisdom if you approach this metaphysically. This is an opportunity to take the very thing that is causing you pain and turn it into a glowing life lesson.

So many things can creep into thought if we are not careful. Rudeness. Inconsiderate drivers. Making a special trip to a store for an item only to find they don't carry it any more. Having to use the last of your cash to fill up the gas tank...again. A remark that rankled from a friend or family member. The list goes on and on. It's not what comes up in our daily experience that matters, it's how we choose to deal with it. There are actually those who choose to hang on to some irritant, mulling it over and over, replaying what happened for fresh resentment. Sometimes it can seem the hardest thing in the world to just forgive someone, much less forget it ever happened. Especially if you feel you were in the right.

Peter must have had more than one upsetting moment with his brother. He asks Jesus "how many times am I expected to forgive him? Will seven times do it?" I'm sure Jesus looked on Peter with affection as he said, "Try seventy times seven". That would be some pearl!

On the other hand, wouldn't it be something to know you were building a beautiful strand of perfect pearls, even if no one else can see them? Actually, I think they do. They see a change in you and your reactions to things. It becomes more of a healing response because there is love behind it. Next time you find yourself struggling with that grain of sand, consider turning it into pearl instead. Think of God as Love, not just a loving God, but Love itself. Try to imagine Love filling all space, even those spaces in your heart and mind that hold on to old hurts and injustices.

The dictionary also says a pearl is someone who is highly regarded for one's beauty and values. When you see someone with a genuine smile on their face, they look beautiful. So try letting that Light shine right through you today.

Glow in peace.

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