Monday, September 10, 2007

Shepherd thoughts - part one

The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.

When I first read the Bible I was instantly drawn to Psalm 23. I was not at all surprised to find that it was written by David, a shepherd himself. It was my favorite prayer and finding Mrs. Eddy's spiritual interpretation of it in our textbook was a delight. The year I studied Psalm 23 I tried to come to it with fresh eyes, to look much deeper for meaning. It was a year of discovery.

To me, God is our Shepherd, and He cares for us with as much devotion as the Biblical shepherds cared for their flocks. Most of the sheep were owned by families that treated them like cherished pets. At night, the flocks were kept in a guarded pen. Each morning, the various shepherds would appear and call out to the sheep of their flock. Each sheep knew that call and came obediently. They trusted their shepherd to guide them safely to food and water and to watch over them until they returned at night.

Those sheep understood that under the care of their shepherd, all their daily needs would be carefully thought out. They would not have to do without anything. All they had to do was obey and follow him. What a blessing to make this first sentence our own, apply it to our daily needs, feel that same trust in the Good Shepherd whose sole concern is our welfare and well being. He knows us all by name There are no unwanted ones, none abandoned or alone. Our Shepherd is Our Father Mother God and we are the beloved sheep of His pasture.

More tomorrow

Go in peace, little flock.

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