Friday, October 26, 2007

Time apart to pray

"He went up into a mountain apart to pray; and when evening was come, he was there alone." (Matt 14:23)

There are times when we would all love to be able to just get away from everyone and every thing and be alone and quiet. One can only imagine what it must have been like during the three year ministry, when word of his healing ability had spread and he was besieged by the multitudes from dawn to dusk.

When we are confronted with a multitude of problems or a flood of negative thoughts we crave the mountaintop attitude, the lifting up of thought that brings us closer to God, divine Love, where we can find comfort and answers and healing. I have climbed few actual mountains in my life but have had an increasing number of mountaintop moments. I imagine that the air is very clear up that high, that one has a panoramic view, that it is quiet. When I pray, take the time to be closer to my Father, I gradually get to that place. I truely commune with Him, as Moses did, and listening quietly, the answers come, the direction is clear, the sense of peace is absolute.

The text of this verse implies that Jesus used those times to be alone, apart from the others. It is difficult to have this undivided experience with others around to distract you. Yet, as a practitioner, the most urgent calls often come right when I am in the middle of fixing dinner, on my way to a meeting, surrounded by others. Multitudes. The healing work cannot wait until I can get back to my 'office', pull out the books, and gather my thoughts. The need is immediate and fortunately, the spiritual inspiration is just as immediate.

Balance is important in every aspect of my life. Especially the spiritual. I do my best to protect my early morning hours and spend that time with Love, tuning my violin, if you will. When called upon I am ready. But responding to the needs of others is what I do and in doing so, am greatly blessed myself. When I can tell someone to 'go in peace', I am at peace myself. I love Christian Science and all it has brought to my experience.

Go in peace yourself.

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