Monday, October 22, 2007

Washing our hands

In this week's Bible lesson there is a reference to washing of hands. "I will wash my hands in innocency." (Ps 26: 6) In the Old Testament this was symbolic of washing away any impurities before one entered the Temple. In the New Testament it was symbolic of washing one's hands in innocency, not being contaminated by participating in some act or thought. This usage carries through to today when people say they are "washing their hands" of something. They are done with itm want no further part of it, not evenbeing associated with it.

We can pray with both of these ideas. We can refuse to be associated with the 'dust' version of creation. We can "wash our hands" in purity and innocence, unafraid of any claims of contamination. I recently had quite a healing when I came in contact with aubstance that had caused my hand to swell, causing great pain. I was able to see that hand, and my being as God's child, as untouched by this claim. It was never touched by something God could not and would not create. And I could know and understand that so clearly that it disappeared.

I love Mrs. Eddy's poem about the Sheperd. In it she writes, "Shepherd, wash me clean". We are clean and need to claim that and rejoice in it.

Go in peace.

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