Saturday, July 5, 2008

Remembering vs. ruminating

As I studied this Bible lesson about God one theme stood out, remember. When we are in the midst of some challenge; physical, emotional, financial or even mental, this is good reminder to turn our thought away from the picture confronting us and to focus instead on what we know to be true about God and our relationship to Him.

My generation is faced with the belief of failing memory. Mrs. Eddy has something very specific to say about that: "If delusion says, 'I have lost my memory' contradict it. No faculty of Mind is ever lost." Mind is never absent so man cannot be absent-minded. There is a wonderful article, Sharpening our Spiritual Senses, and in it I love this sentence: "Tn the proportion that we accept the spiritual truth that we can never be separated from all-knowing Mind, human sense of remembering improves."

Some memories, held on to for the wrong reasons, can cause pain and suffering. Some word or deed keeps recurring to haunt us with something someone said or did. Some action that seems unforgivable. It can rankle to the point where it appears physically on the body. It is like a scar. Those memories need to be faced and healed. Forgiveness is not just in words, it must come from the heart. Mortal mind would argue, why should I be the one to straighten this out when he or she caused it. As long as you believe that, the problem remains. Try separating the action from the person, impersonalize it and deal witht the error instead. See that such qualities cannot be a part of God, divine Love, and therefore, cannot be reflected by His image and likeness. This is not part of His creation and cannot touch any of His children. In Greek, forgive means to let go. Holding on to hurts will only impede spiritual progress. Jesus advised Peter to forgive his brother seventy times seven times. By then, surely the hurt should be gone. When you develop a willingness to forgive, you're the one who will be set free.

Other memories need to stay with us. Memories of times when we saw evidence of Love all around us, or glimpsed the beauty and power of God, good. In Christian Science churches there is a service on Wednesdays with time provided to share testimonies of healing. All kinds of healing. Expressing gratitude is part of healing. Acknowledging a power greater than our own was there on our behalf, guarding, guiding and protecting. Remembering your healings or the healings you have heard or read about can give you just the thought you need to handle a present situation.

I was never very good at memorizing passages. But, since I began my study of Christian Science I have found so many things both in the Bible and in Mrs. Eddy's writings that have helped me when I was in pain or distress. I also love the hymnal. Being familiar with the music, the words seem to come back easily and often there is just the idea I need at that time to change my thoughts and move closer to harmony.

Take a quiet moment today to think back on a time when God was a very present help in trouble. Remember how good that felt. Say 'thank you' again. You can rest assured God, divine Mind, is remembering you always.

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