Friday, September 19, 2008

Keeping calm watch

Things have changed here on the home front. I have agreed to 'watch' Ian, aged almost-five, and Katie Rose, turned one last July 4th, while Kristen has gone back to work full time. They are good kids and we live together so it wasn't that much of a change for them. Although it is obvious that they both miss their Mommy. The bigger change is for me, adjusting my daily activities so that I am always meeting their needs. The first week has had its ups and downs. My car is still waiting to get the battery recharged so I am using a different, unfamiliar car. This week I had several things already scheduled. This morning we went over to a book store with granddaughter Lauren and this afternoon I will be leaving them with my son, Jim, while I go out to an assisted living facility to give a talk. Every day was pretty full. Today I was feeling a bit off balance with it all and decided to use the time while Katie Rose is napping to pray. What came to me was that what I am doing is 'keeping calm watch'. What an angel message!

All day today I will be 'keeping' my watch. It is an opportunity to use the spiritual qualities I reflect from divine Love. It is seeing the motherhood of God in operation for me and for the kids. Choosing to devote the day to their needs but to also stay on a spiritual wave length is 'keeping' my watch. It means I can take whatever calls for spiritual healing might come, even if I am changing Katie Rose at the time!

The key word is 'calm'. Early in my study of Christian Science I prayed to be more patient. Not a quality I expressed previously. I looked up that word in the dictionary and love this: patience is expecting good calmly. So, no matter what comes up each day, I can deal with it calmly. The kids certainly react better when I stay calm, keep my voice level, and listen for divine guidance before I move forward. It happened all morning. I would just pause and say, "Father, let me feel Your calm around me right now" and I would. It was really neat.

In Hymn #3, the third verse is about a grateful heart being like a temple 'where angels of His presence keep calm watch by day or night'. I will add that to my prayer arsenal. I expect things will settle in a bit more next week when we have to add reading room hours into the mix and a Wednesday service.

I think I'll just stay calm and let divine Mind show the way.

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Kristen Harrison said...

I really like that. I too am trying to keep calm watch, over my emotions, over the success of our business, over the state of our bank account, over my waistline... there seem to be lots of things to keep an eye on, but I need to focus on calming expecting good, and gratefully acknowledging the good that I have seen.