Wednesday, September 17, 2008

the realm of God

Started the day with a little lesson in humility. I had picked up an issue of the Christian Science Sentinel where the focus was on the new school year. Glancing through it, I didn't see anything that jumped out at me for study. Whenever that happens, I know right away what is at work. It is just error's attempt to keep me from something of great value. So I picked it up again and looked for my angel message. I found it in an article I had dismissed earlier. Written by a teacher, it is about some of her experiences with teaching over the years.

What captured my full attention was her description of being assigned to an English class, not her field of expertise, filled with unruly teen agers. She would climb the three floors to that class room with the noise of their behavior getting louder and louder. They actually threw a chair ove the banister as she was coming up the stairs. That is when she stopped and reached out to God as she hadn't before.

We all have 'chair throwing' moments. We find ourselves faced with a situation that has been slowly spiraling out of control. It might be a relationship issue, or finances, a weight gain, or an illness. Some crisis occurs and then we stand still and reach out to divine Love for help. When she did, her fear left. That is always the first thing we have to overcome. It happens when we realize that we are not alone, God is with us, right there. She remembered a line Mrs. Eddy wrote "Like the archpriests of yore, man is free to enter into the holiest, the realm of God". (page 481) She also was able to see that the only child present in that realm was the child of God. She didn't have to impose control over the situation, God did it. The kids all sat down and things turned around.

So that is the angel message for me today. No matter where I am, no matter what I am doing, I am in the realm of God. Only good is present there. Everyone there is the child of God, me included. God is in absolute control of the situation. I love to learn lessons like this. Now I feel better prepared for whatever this day will bring. Thanks to the author of that article, thanks to the editors of the Sentinel. Thanks to divine Love for showing me this truth.

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