Monday, October 6, 2008

The Cherith experience

In the story of Elijah he warns the people about a coming drought. He himself is directed by God to go to a brook, Cherith, where he will continue to have water when others do not. This story is in I Kings 17. Elijah is given a great gift, a time to experience God's supply when material sources run out. And he will need this lesson because 'it came to pass...that the brook dried up'. Have you had that happen? Other sources of income disappear for one reason or another and you fall back on savings. Or maybe you fall back on friends or relatives when a relationship dries up.

Then there comes a time when that 'brook' no longer is enough. You have learned to trust the gift, now you will have to trust in the Giver. One of our hymns says 'when all material streams are dried Thy fullness is the same'. You might wonder why you go through a 'Cherith' time, a time without right employment, adequate funds, a strong relationship. But maybe this is the gift of discovering the true sense of employment, the true idea of supply, the true source of companionship.

Just when you get comfortable with things, the darn brook dries up! Now what? Elijah was told to go to Zarephath. He needs to go forward, he is to take what he has learned with him. There a widow woman, thinking she is down to her last meal, preparing to starve to death, will discover what Elijah knows about right employment, true supply. One wonders if he would have been as well prepared without his 'Cherith' time. That experience made him a better prophet, what Mrs. Eddy calls a 'spiritual seer', a spiritual see-er. This can be true for each of us.

Profit by your 'Cherith' moments.

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