Saturday, February 14, 2009

Don't try to fix Genesis Two

Where does error come from? Certainly not from the account of creation given in Genesis One, where God saw everything that He had made and it was very good, including mankind, His very own ideas. NO mention of evil, error, lack, sickness, conflict there at all.

It starts with a mist or fog in a dream within a material creation described in Genesis Two. It affects a man-created woman who is mislead by a talking snake suggesting that there is both good and evil and that it is worth knowing about. She accepts this lie, passes the information along to Adam, and things go downhill from there.

Don't try to fix Genesis Two! See instead that you are not and never were part of that dream in the mist...stuck in the midst of good and evil. You are the cherished idea of divine Mind, safe in the first account of creation, surrounded by His good plan, already in place, unfolding day by day.

What happens to evil, to the talking snake? By the end of the Bible it has swollen into a big, red dragon. A lie accepted by one person, spread as truth to others, accepted, only causes the problems to increase. But the snake doesn't win! God's angel messengers and messages of the ever presence of good defeat it and deflate it. It is cast out of thought and out of experience.

Ty asssociating yourself with Genesis One today. If it isn't in that account, don't accept it as anything more than a lie from a liar who only exists in a mist in a dream. No substance or reality in that at all. God, good, on the other hand is absolutely real and wonderful and constantly ready to bless and protect His child. Let Him. Nothing can come between you and God. You can read that as a positive statement or you can believe that 'nothing' is real and able to cause you problems and that is all that comes between you and Good. A big fat nothing. You don't even have to do battle with it, that already happened and it lost. Just stop accepting it as your reality. It isn't. Don't keep trying to fix Genesis Two...rejoice that you are in Genesis One. Relax in the arms of divine Love and watch your day unfold as He intends it to be. No mist, no missed payments, no missed opportunities, no missed deadlines, no missing items. No dream multiplying into a nightmare human existence filled with problems, illness and lack. No man-made person swayed by the cunning lies of a talking snake. No spreading of that lie to encompass others. No dragon. Just ask yourself, did this happen in Genesis One? If it didn't, it doesn't have to ruin your day, your life or your health. See yourself surrounded by everything good, supported by divine Love itself. Because that is what is really happening.

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