Thursday, February 19, 2009

deafness and lectures

That may sound like a strange way to begin this blog but let me explain. For the application goes way beyond the original occurance. A friend emailed me a convocation address given at Principia College in 1998. The subject was 'church', which is my personal study for 2009. Within the address were some really amazing thoughts about the importance of church attendance. I will be working with those today. But in the middle of the article was a reference to someone the author knew, and this is what totally blew me away. His friend had been deaf until he reached young adulthood, when he had been healed. He went on to be a Christian Science lecturer. The author asked him whether he had ever known of any other healings of deafness and his response was 'Oh yes, a number of people wee healed of deafness during my lectures."

Isn't it astounding that someone who was deaf even went to a lecture! These are not video shows, it was sound, the spoken word. But they came anyway. That says a lot about what there expectation was for healing. The words that healed them did not come through the physical senses. It was the power of the Christ speaking to them right where they were. Christian Science does heal.

There are many levels of deafness. Sometimes we just refuse to hear something we do not want to hear. Sometimes we insist on hearing something that was not spoken at all, or misinterpreting what the speaker meant. Sometimes there appears to be a blockage that has built up over time, shutting out what we need to hear.

I want to think about this today. I want to be open to that conversation with the Christ. I'm all ears.

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