Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Casting off vs casting out

In this week's Bible lesson there are references to God not casting off His people. I think of casting off in connection with knitting and with boating.

When you cast off in knitting you are finishing off what you have been working on. When you cast off in boating you are bringing in the lines that bound you to the dock in preparation for going out to sea. In both cases, you are choosing to do this. It is a letting go and a releasing. The Bible passages promise that 'the Lord will not cast off for ever' (Lam 3:31 and that 'the Lord will not cast off His people' (Ps 94:14). It should be a great comfort to know that God does not cast us off. We are one with Him forever.

There are times when something is cast out. That is a different situation where something is being discarded or sent away. Jesus often cast out devils, or evil beliefs, attached to people and causing illness. But many feel like they have cast out of work or relationships, excluded or discarded, seen as worthless.

We are never worthless in God's eyes. We are precious to Him as His own children, His own creation, an idea in divine Mind, cherished and held close. He will never cast us off or cast us out.

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