Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Don't walk around with the spirit of infirmity

Our Father, divine Love, does not afflict. I love the woman who is described as having 'a spirit of infirmity'. That is how she looked to others, bowed down with something. That is how she must have felt about herself. It was the infirmity, that was the result. It was this heavy spirit for whatever reason that dragged her down. Jesus calls her over to him, puts his hands on her bowed shoulders, and with authority tells her she is loosed from that infirmity God had not caused it. He was not punishing her. This false belief was all that was bowing her under. Jesus describes her affliction as someone 'whom Satan hath bound'. Satan being the belief of something or someone other than God's creation. Another power, and yet we believe that God is omnipotent. If God fills all space then how can there be another power, except if we choose to believe in it. Once we see its powerlessness it no longer can bind us in any way. We are freed. The Christ did that for her and does that for each today. God is the only Life and it is all good. Don't let anything bring you down and make you stay there. In fact, it can only suggest, it has no power to enforce anything. You are loosed!

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