Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A lesson from a spider

I was just reading an article that referred to a fable about a spider that was accidently shut in the back of a watch. Rescue appeared hopeless. But it did the one thing it could do, it spun a web. And that web gummed up the works so that the watch stopped working. The watch was opened for cleaning and the spider was freed. He was saved because he used his one talent wisely.

What would you consider to be your special talent? Everyone has one. It has been given to us by God and we are to use it. What would describe as your best quality? That might be your talent and you and should use it and practice it every day.

I am working on seeing only good present and operating around me. Summer has just begun and the 'grands' are already bored. There is much I would love to be doing but they need attention and guidance. So I am knowing that right activities and opportunities are present all around us. They are a gift from God and will bless.

Put your special talent to work today. It can bring freedom in unexpected ways.

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