Tuesday, July 24, 2012

struggling with angels

This morning I am thinking about the familiar story of Jacob wrestling with the angel. It is part of this week's Bible Lesson on Love. Jacob had gotten a vision from God directing him to go home. He had fled twenty years earlier after deceiving their father and stealing the birth right from his brother Esau. Esau had promised to kill him once their elderly father died so Jacob fled to stay with his uncle Laban. Now God has told him to go home and He will deal well with him.

The night before he is to cross over the river and into his brother's territory Jacob is having a mighty struggle. I think he was frightened of what Esau might do, he was worried that he was still accountable for his past actions, and he might even have been doubting that God would protect him.

At this point an angel comes to him. Mrs. Eddy defines angels as God's thought passing to man. So what Jacob was wrestling against was the message God had given him, would he and those he loved be safe? Could he face his brother unafraid? Here is a lesson for us. Have you ever felt you had prayed about something and gotten direction on how to move forward but then were struggling with fears? Then we are wrestling as he did with an angel message from God. When we come to see it for what it truly is, we are freed from any fear or hesitation or doubt. It has been sent to bless. We get our healing and we get a clearer understanding about God and man.

So don't wrestle with angels! Be grateful for the message and trust the source.

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