Thursday, August 30, 2012

forgetful hearer...or doer of the work?

I had every intention of reading right through the Bible Lesson this morning but ended up spending quite a bit of time with the above question.  It is in the Responsive Reading and comes from the first chapter of the book of James. The author is talking about God. This is how Dummelow comments on verse 17. "God is the source of good, and of good only. Every good gift and every perfect boon come from Him, who is the creator of the sun, moon, and stars. But, while they change and vary, and as they revolve, are sometimes in shadow, He is always the same. Our Lesson goes on to verses 23-25 which speaks to the followers of God. Hearing without doing is useless. A mere hearer is like a man who glances at his natural face in a mirror and then goes away and at once forgets what he looks like. But the person who practices as well as hears gazes into the perfect reflection of himself as God's image and likeness.

It is good to read the Lesson regularly. It is important to study it and ponder it as well. But do we set it aside once we have and go about our day without applying what we are learning? Are we striving to live it daily? Are we becoming 'forgetful hearers' and not 'doers'?

One of the daily duties our Leader Mary Baker Eddy assigns us it  found in the Manual on page 42. It is entitled Alertness to Duty. To be obedient to it we are to be alert to pay attention and not be made to forget or neglect our duty. We are not to be mislead into being 'forgetful hearers' only.

It might be something to consider - jotting down something that stood out to you as you read the Lesson that day and carry it with you or put it on your phone or Ipod or whatever you keep handy. How many times a day do you glance at that device? Think how many times you could be reminded not to be a 'forgetful hearer'. Give it a try.

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