Thursday, August 16, 2012

moments of happiness

This morning I am feeling grateful for moments of happiness. Last night I arrived a few minutes early to pray for our church testimony meeting and think about the blessings that had come my way that day.  I spent the morning serving in the practitioner's office on campus here at Principia College, my first scheduled day, and I was deeply grateful to find myself there. All those prayers to see that I would someday have a public office again and not only was that prayer answered but the office is on a college campus.

As my heart filled with gratitude the international students who had arrived at the beginniing of the week and the students who had come early for the sports camps began to file in. And more and more of them came until they had completely filled the first eight rows of the church. They were from countries all around the world and neighborhoods all across the country. What a sight. And what a sound when we stood to sing the first hymn "I am walking in the light of the Lord". How I wish you could have been there to hear their testimonies. Very humbling.

Today family and friends arrive from Texas, driving up to bring Samantha who will be a sophomore at Principia high school. How we look forwared to supporting her experience first hand. She truly is a delight and we all love her. They stay  here (eight house guests) for three days before heading home. Our lovely house will expand nicely to fit them all in, something else to be grateful for.

Yesterday I began the day humming "A glorious day is dawning" and I can see that every day is glorious as good continues to unfold.

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