Monday, October 15, 2012

Faith - Don't be afraid to break the seal

This week's Bible Lesson, Probation after Death, is once again packed with wonderful promises for our spiritual progress and growth. Having just started to work with it I see a focus on faith, faith in God that leads us in the pathway to unceasing good.

It's funny how insights come to us, often from some unexpected source. As I reached over to a revolving tabletop bookshelf for one book, I picked up another instead. I was holding a devotional, Streams in the Desert. I love devotionals and worked with many over the years.Out of curiosity, turning to the entry for today, I did not think it would be relavent until one phrase stood out. It was listing those Biblical characters who 'broke' through something and prevailed. Like Moses hitting the rock to provide water in the deser or when Gideon's soldiers broke their pitchers and let the hidden light shine forth to confound their enemies. The list goes on and on but what stopped me short was a reference to the poor widow broke the seal on her little pot of oil. She may have been hording that for emergencies, reluctant to dip into their last reserve.  But it was her faith in the prophet and in God that allowed her to break that seal.

How often are we called upon to show our faith? Is there a 'seal' on something in your life? As I thought about it I remembered a time when I had a little nest egg tucked away in a saving account. I was not adding to it, but I had promised myself I would not dip into it either. At that time I was fearful that if I did start to use it, it would trickle away and be gone. Now I understand, by my faith in God's endless supply for me, that I do not need to fear lack. That was the seal I needed to break, a sealed up belief in material supply or material sources.

This week I will study carefully the descriptions of faith and the steps and pathways that lead to a better understanding of the allness of Good.  I can hardly wait!

So today, don't be afraid to break those seals. You put them there, not God. You can never lose anything He has given you and, as His child, you have infinite resources to call upon. Examine your faith this week and I will be doing the same.

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