Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Moses is again provided with a new home

Moses started life with his Hebrew family but could not remain there safely, due to Pharoah's cruel decree. He is put into a little ark and then found by Pharoah's daughter who raises him as her own son, taking him into her household. But it appears that his own mother was able to stay with him as a nursemaid. He lives for many years in this second home but grows increasingly uncomfortable with how his people are being treated. A rash act of murder forces him to flee out of that household, where even a prince would be held accountable for that crime. He finds himself on the other side of the Syrian sea in Midian and there God has prepared a third home for him and a new way of life. He will spend the next 40 years there, marrying, raising a family and tending to his father-in-law's flocks. It is quite a change from the status of a prince but it is during those years with that family that he is prepared for great spiritual growth.

Many of us have moved over the years, changing houses, cities, and even states. We may find ourselves with a different family around us. We may experience a change of career path. It is not how often we move or where we end up that matters, it is how we improve our spiritual journey that counts. Moses did not appear to pine for the perks and benefits of a royal status. He may have spent those years in Midian thinking about his life and about his God, after all his father-in-law was a priest.

The people have not had a prophet for some time and are living in poverty and bondage in Egypt. But God does speak, He speaks to Moses. Out of a burning bush no less. And Moses listens. God has a mission for him and this one will take him on another journey and to another place. He will be leaving this home. Pharoah is hard of heart and slow to listen but eventually he agrees to let the Hebrew people leave Egypt. God directs Moses to lead them through a wilderness area and they end up by the Red Sea. I always loved this part.

It is there, with an angry mob pursuing them intent on forcing them back to slavery, that God opens the way. The seemingly impossible way ahead opens, the waters part, and this huge group of people cross over to the other side on dry ground. How often have we found ourselves wearily pushing through some wilderness moment, perhaps even trying to overcome some physical or financial limitation? At least we have made the effort to move on but then the way seems blocked and impassible. Our Father Mother lead us there, our Father Mother will do what we cannot do on our own. The Red Sea parted, the way opened, and they went over on dry ground. Their feet did not even get muddy!

Mrs. Eddy writes this: "Love inspires, illumines, designates and leads the way." (S&H p. 454) Wow! God, divine Love, will inspire with whatever uplifting thought you need. He will illuminate, light up the way out of your mental or physical or financial darkness. He will designate, (indicate, specify, point out), just what you need to do. And He will walk with you, leading the way. He will take you by the hand.

Moses' mother did not know where he would end up or how he would be preserved. He was and in a way she could hardly have imagined. When he cried out, he was heard by the one person in all Egypt who could have saved him and she gave him a palace to live in. When Moses fled Egypt and stopped in Midian, he connected with a whole new family and home. When he leads the children of Israel out of bondage he is continuing his own spiritual journey and he knows God is with him every step of the way.

God is with you every step of your way as well. Don't be afraid to go.

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