Friday, March 22, 2013

A new view of Matt 4:20

The practitioner's in this area were recently alerted to some conversation among students about 420. 420 refers to pot (the drug) and April 20 is supposedly the pot solidarity day. If you're curious about this 420 there are over 169,000,000 hits on Google.

We had a similar situation about this time last year at our high school in Texas. As I prayed about that challenge I was lead to  Matt 4:20 (as another way to think of 420) and it reads, "and they straightway left their nets and followed him in the way". That reference concerns the disciples as they left their fishing nets and followed Jesus as their spiritual teacher. But I prayed with those same words in a different way.  I prayed to see that those students could not become ensnared in the net that would try to trap them into using drugs. They could not be falsely attracted by the empty promises of using drugs. They could instead turn from that and choose to follow the Christ and his teachings.

Doesn't that fit well with our Golden Text in this week's Bible Lesson! "Thou art my portion, O Lord:...I esteem all Thy precepts concerning all things to be right; and I hate every false way."  The Message Bible translates that as 'I honor everything You tell me, I despise every deceitful detour'. That is a very clear description of turning to drug use. A deceitful detour.

Mrs. Eddy ends an article about our newspaper with this: A great work already has been done, and a greater work yet remains to be done....If we can aid in abating suffering and diminishing sin, we shall have accomplished much; but if we can bring to the general thought this great fact that drugs do not, cannot, produce health and harmony, since "in Him (Mind) we live, and move, and have our being," we shall have done more. (Misc 7:25)

Your thoughts and your prayers on this subject would be welcome.

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