Friday, May 10, 2013

Talked with any serpents lately?

This week's Bible Lesson on Adam and Fallen Man begins with the spiritual account of creation given in Genesis One. Lots of nice animals in that one. The lesson continues with the second account of creation given in Genesis Two, where the Lord God makes man from the dust of the ground and woman from Adam's rib. Another change is the appearance of the Tree of the knowlege of good and evil. Adam and Eve are forbidden to eat the fruit from that tree. Along comes a talking serpent. That was certainly not in the spiritual account. And what does he want to talk about? Rules. Restrictions. Is God being fair? Is He misleading you, keeping something back you might enjoy? Do you really have to obey Him? Notice that he goes after Eve, not Adam.

She should have just turned and walked away.

But she didn't. She listened.

Don't get sucked into those conversations initiated by evil with the intent to undermine your faith, your confidence in God's protection and loving care. You know the things you should actively avoid. Don't argue...get out of there.

Evil will try to put it in attractive packaging, promising all kind so benefits. Why would we ever choose to know about evil! Are you tempted to read those magazines filled with gossip and inuendos about the rich and famous? Why? Are they telling the truth? Are they offering prayer and healing?

What was presented to Eve was something that appeared to be good to eat, good to take in, good to swallow. Run your eye over the magazine stand and see how every issue has some new diet plan based on eating or not eating certain foods. Eat this or don't eat this and you will be beautiful. How did that work out for Eve? How does it work out for anyone who bases happiness on food or diet?

What was presented came in an attractive package. It was pleasant to the eye. Temptation usuallly is. Do you think it might be good because it is attractive? Think again. Just in case she was still not convinced there was a further lie.

What was presented would make her wise. Who says she wasn't wise already? Are we made wise by learning something evil wants to show us? Be sure you watch and pray not to be pursuaded, not to be influenced erroneously by the 'talking serpent' appearing on your tv, computer screen, or other device.Or in casual conversations at work.  It's trying to sell you something as if God is not already meeting your every need.

I'm glad we read this account side-by-side with Genesis One. How brilliant of Mrs. Eddy to make this so clear. Which version are you going to believe in today? They teach you a jingle in Sunday school that goes something like this, "Which of these version is all about you, Genesis One or Genesis Two?"  Don't listen to the talking serpent, listen to your Father Mother God. He will not make empty promises or tempt you with evil.

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