Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Which path are you choosing to follow today?

This week's Bible Lesson on Mind is outstanding. It is just filled with encouragement and practical examples of how we can be blessed and guided as we choose what path to follow each day.

Abram unselfishlessly let Lot choose the part of the land where he would settle. God had lead them this far and Abram was completely confident that he and his family would be provided for. He chose to step aside and let God be in charge. And he found a way to resolve their situation with generous words and actions. No enmity or hard feelings on either side.

Elijah stood bravely against the 450 prophets of Baal to show the people which God was the true God. And they witnessed fire coming down from heaven in a clear demonstration of God's power. But when threatened by the queen Elijah took to his heels and ran for his life. He chose to leave the people he was supposed to teach and instead hid out in a cave. God sent angels to provide for him and then visited him Himself so that he could see God's power and hear the 'still, small voice' that assured him of his safety and usefulness. Elijah went back to the work God was preparing him to do. Elijah chose to be unselfish and return to help others know more about God's great love.

Several young men brought their paralyzed buddy to Jesus for healing. They did not doubt for a moment that Jesus was able to do this but at first it appeared that they could not get to him because of the great crowd. They chose to find another way in and their friend got his healing. Pretty unselfish behavior. The man who had been carried in walked out on his own, completely healed of the paralysis and with his sins forgiven.

Jesus is sleeping on a ship when a tempest arises and threatens the life of all those aboard. They waken him in great fear and he rebukes the wind, calming the sea. Jesus was familiar with the Psalms and understood how God leads us beside still waters. He knew how to 'be still and know that I am God' right in the midst of any threat. He chose the path of prayer with confidence. He understood God's control. He did not just save his own life, he saved everyone around him.

Near the end of the Lesson we read how Paul advised the Philippians to "look not every man on his own things, but every man also on the things of others'. I will be looking for opportunities to be more unselfish in my daily activities. To be sure I am loving my neighbor. To keep my promise to 'watch and pray for that Mind to be in me which was also in Christ Jesus. To apply the Golden Rule.

This should be a really great week.

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