Friday, July 11, 2014

My godfather and my God-Father

I grew up on the East coast in a large Italian family with an even larger extended family. And we had a godfather. This man ruled over the whole clan and his word was law. He granted favors and helped those who sought his advice and resources. But it was understood that at some point he might ask a favor in return and you would grant it.

Years later I started studying Christian Science and had moved away from the East coast, visiting infrequently with my family. What I was reading in Science and Health showed me that what I really have is a God-Father, God as my Father and Mother. A loving God who has made me in His own image and likeness, as it is explained in Genesis One. This God-Father is all powerful and wise, He has infinite resources which are freely available to me. I can turn to Him for advice when I am faced with challenges be they financial, physical, or emotional. My God-Father is always accessible. It is His will to keep me happy and healthy and supplied with all I need.

What He asks in return is love for Him and all of His creation and I have been pondering all week a phrase in our Golden Text: bring an offering. The phrase if part of Psalm 96. "Give unto the Lord the glory due to his name: bring an offering, and come into his courts."  How comforting to think that my God-Father is the true Judge and law maker. I can present my case in His courts and get a fair hearing and a positive verdict.

When the challenge is physical, He will find me 'not guilty' and I can rise up innocent and free.
When the challenge is emotional, He will restore my soul, my awareness of His complete care.
When the challenge is financial, He will remind me that 'all that I have is thine'.

So this week I am looking for ways to honor Him with offerings of love, patience, being a peace maker, reaching out to others, seeing His goodness ever present, etc.. As I go through the day, I look for ways to offer up a spiritual response instead of mortal reaction. I offer Him thanks for all the beauty I see. I am grateful for the good being expressed.

My God-Father loves me and I love him right back.

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