Monday, July 14, 2014

Paul's work ethic

I noticed something in this week's Bible Lesson on Life. We go along on several of Paul's journeys as he is bringing the good news about the Messiah. Paul has made his share of enemies in his earlier zeal to seek out and destroy these new Christians, followers of Jesus. He made a whole new set of enemies as he not only joined the Christians but became one of their main spokespersons. And he was backing up his teaching and preaching with healings. No wonder God granted special miracles by the hand of Paul.

What a work ethic! It gives one pause when one reflects on one's one work ethic is sharing Christian Science. In the first example Paul is speaking with his disciples before he must continue on his journey. He talks long into the night and is only interrupted when a young man, sunk down with sleep, falls out of the balcony and is taken up dead. Paul reassures them that 'his life is in him' and that man is taken up alive and well. Does Paul rest on this 'miracle' and go take a nap? No. He continues lovingly sharing with them until day break.

On another day, once he has been arrested and is being taken by ship to Rome to stand trial, the ship is wrecked in a storm. Paul and everyone on the ship is saved. Once ashore he helps to gather fire wood and is bitten by a poisonous viper. He just shakes it off into the fire, unharmed. The natives, full aware of what has bitten him, are astounded. He is taken to the village chief's home and lovingly cared for. Does he plop down on the couch and let them wait on him? No. He heals the village chief's father of a great fever. Now does he sit back and relax? No. They bring others from all over the island who need healing...and he heals them.

What an example for us to follow! I will studying this week's Lesson with great interest and attempting to be like this great man in my own daily activities.

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