Thursday, May 19, 2016

flowers and birds

The Responsive Reading in this week's Bible Lesson on Soul and Body has given me much to think about today. This new train of thought was sparked by reading the excellent metaphysical article posted by CedarSCamp. Kathy Fitzer CS always has in interesting and inspiring take on the Lesson and I love what she says about birds and flowers.

"Jesus reminds his listeners of what a great job God has done of taking care of His creation. Looking around at nature, we don't see the flowers and birds worrying about how they look, comparing themselves with others around them to see how they match up, or fearing how their needs will be met the next day. Surely God is providing for our needs just as abundantly and beautifully!".

Jesus has just pointed out that none of us can serve two masters. There are only two kinds of people, those who serve God and those who serve the world. You can't do both. A worldly person is weighed down with care (having trouble with your weight?) and fearful that his plans for the future with go awry or something he loves will be taken away or his source of income will vanish. His undivided devotion is with material things and not centered on God.

This is not to condone sitting back and just waiting for good things to happen. Jesus says that we must seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness first and foremost.

God provides for the birds without expecting them to labor on their part. Dummelow says in his Bible Commentary: "Have you ever seen beast or fowl that had a workshop? and yet they are fed without trouble of mind. He also says: "Our Lord regarded cheerfulness and joy and the absence of care and anxiety as the mark of a true Christian who puts his trust in God".

We recently put out our hummingbird feeders and refilled the rest of the feeders as well. So as I stand in the kitchen I can see lots of birds, chipmunks and squirrels in the backyard feasting. And they reward us with sweet songs. It is a reminder to me to be more joyful and appreciative as I go about my day alert to all the good God is providing. For me and for everyone else.

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