Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Them's fighting words

That's what we used to say as kids when the neighborhood divided into teams and had mock battles.
This week's Bible Lesson is full of ammunition to use against the attempt of error or mortal mind to fool us into accepting its suggestions that there is another power than God, good, and that it can control and harm us.

Here are some of the words used in the Lesson to describe how Truth deals with lies and liars:

Exterminates = get rid of by destroying completely
Despoils = to deprive something by force
Excision = to remove
Open siege = surrounding and blockading
Render fruitless = render is to surrender or relinquish = no fruitage
Annihilate = to destroy completely

Fighting words indeed.

There are those out there who would try to fool and deceive with the intent of frightening or overpowering. A wise person is not fooled by these lies and illusions. It's so easy to see right through them when we are intimately familiar with just who and what God, good, is and understand the allness of His presence. He is God alone and there is none else, no matter how loud or how often the lies are repeated. We don't have to listen to them, much less obey them. We do not bow down to deception. We have our guard up and our eyes open.

Mesmerism and hypnotism can no power or effect on us, no matter how subtle or blatant the attempt. But we need to guard our thoughts and actions faithfully. Recognize what a liar the illusionist is and you see right through the trick.

I look forward to spending time with Nehemiah this week as he faces just such attempts as he leads the people in rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem. And I love the story of Jesus and the insane man running loose in the tombs.

Those took place long ago as related in the Old Testament and the New but that type of thing is still here today weaving webs meant to snare  and ensnare those who do not keep their defenses active. We have a mighty arsenal available to us from the Bible and Science and Health.

It is up to us how we use it.

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