Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Our boundless basis

This week's Bible lesson includes this sentence from Science and Health: "God expresses in man the infinite idea forever developing itself, broadening and rising higher and higher from a boundless basis". That really stood out to me this morning and I'd like to share how I might work with this statement as I pray with others today.

For example, if the challenge were a financial one, using this idea let's see what God is doing for us today. God, good, is expressing in (insert your name here) the infinite idea of supply. God is the source of all good and there is no way we could ever use up all of something that originates with Him. This idea of supply and abundance is forever developing itself, that means it isn't something we have to do or be responsible for. That's God's job. One definition of develop is to bring from latency to fulfillment. Another one is to aid in the growth of. God is forever developing this idea of supply and expressing it for us, to us and through us. It broadens, spreads out, increases. The concept of income is not limited to one source, such as a regular paycheck. Divine Love supplies our needs in an endless, exciting and amazing number of ways. Broaden your thought of that income stream. Lift your idea higher. We'd all like to see our check book balance higher, our savings account higher, our return on investments higher. Just what is it you are investing in? God is investing in you. I love Lego's. I loved watching my kids and now my 'grands' build intricate structures. They could make them as big as they wanted by simply adding more Legos to the foundation. They understand that they are building on a boundless basis. Think of your source of supply that way.

Now this whole concept can be applied to health, relationships, abilities, understanding, confidence, patience. Whatever it is you are dealing with right now. Recognize that God, who loves you more than you could ever imagine, is doing this for you today. He is expressing Himself by pouring out endless blessings on you. Do you think divine Mind will ever run out of ideas? No, because there is an infinite number of them available and they will continue to develop forever. And you are the beneficiary. You are the beloved heir. You are the cherished child.

Remember to say thank you.

Go in peace.

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