Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Angel messages and messengers

There is so much packed into this week's Bible lesson I hardly know where to start. It surely won't fit in one blog so I will spread it out over the week. I am studying the 'angels' that appeared to Elisha and to Moses and to the children of Israel. Many times these came in the form of fire, but never in a destructive way. Often in the lesson we are shown how divine Love directs our way. How encouraging to know that whenever we seem to be at a crossroads, physically or mentally, divine Mind is showing us exactly which way to turn. And if you are struggling with feelings of depression or seem to be in a dark place, these 'angels', sent to us by Our Father, are our 'guardians in the gloom'. Mrs. Eddy gives us an interesting defintion of 'wilderness'. We can choose which way we view such times, as being filled with loneliness and doubt, or as the place where we overcome the material sense of things and the reality of our onesness with God, good, appears clearly. I will be paying attention to the directions given in each Bible section as they are faced with an adversity. These are the same steps I can use in my own experience. I even found a reference to something that happens 'daily', to support my on-going spiritual study of 'daily' this year. Whew! And then there was the amazing fact that during their forty year trek in the wilderness their clothes, even their shoes, did not wear out. That was the outward. Their sight did not dim, nor their vitality abate. How cool to know that forty years from now I can be demonstrating the same sight and strength. And can 'pass over on dry ground' through any flood of challenges that present themselves. All this with the help of those busy angels that God has given charge to protect and preserve me. In all my ways. And yours. No lapses or returns to harmony. Constantly at one with Him.

We are just back from a week in Colorado Springs. Much to do today. So will pick up on some of these ideas tomorrow and through the week. Gotta take my 'angels' and go forward.

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