Monday, June 23, 2008

We're all here now

As I prayed for inspiration today, the answer, as usual, was a surprise. I was thinking about an upcoming talk, one that would be several hours. I wanted to bring everyone's attention back after they take a short break. So I was praying about how to do that. That is when this sentence spoke aloud in my head. "I am grateful that we are all here now."

I wanted to understand it and listened for more guidance. "This is how you begin," the voice said. With gratitude. So adapting that to you who are reading this blog, I am grateful that we are making contact this way. The Bible says when two or more are gathered in his name, the Christ is right there with them. So as you read this blog, the Christ, the activity of God's love for you, is present and operating in your life.

But what really excites me is the use of the rest of the message....all here now. All here. You and I are complete ideas of divine Mind. As complete ideas we are 'all here'. That means that nothing is missing or lacking. If you have a challenge with your hearing or your sight, you can rejoice and know that you are 'all here', those faculties are intact and operating without problems. All here. If you are missing something that has been misplaced, you can rejoice and know that every thing has a spiritual identity held permanently in divine Mind. Since God knows where it is, you can as well, and it will be 'all here'. Maybe the challenge right now is supply. You can rejoice in supply as a spiritual idea that is already included in your identity. What you need is 'all here'. Now.

The number four is a spiritual concept. If you are called upon to use a 'four' today, you couldn't possibly use up the last one. Each time 'four' is used, it is immediately replenished. There is an infinite supply available. It doesn't matter if it is a small amount needed or a large amount, the fours never run out or get used up. And your access to them cannot be limited. It is 'all here'. God tells us that all that He has is ours as His beloved children. The perfect Father Mother is not withholding anything good from us.

It is 'all here now'.

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