Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Welcoming prophets

This week's Bible lesson has a long, challenging title, "Is the Universe, Including Man, Evolved by Atomic Force?". I believe Mrs. Eddy prayed and listened for the 26 topics that make up our lesson sermons. As I continue my study of 'daily', I am reminded that I must not forget my duty to our Leader. I see that as a call to honor her revelation and not question things like this title.

And as I began studying it, I was amazed at the wealth of ideas it contains. The first four sections focus on some of Elisha's experiences. He had been Elijah's assistant and took over the mantle of national prophet when Elijah was taken up into heaven. Mrs. Eddy defines prophet as a spiritual seer; disappearance of material sense before the conscious facts of spiritual Truth. So I decided to watch for that in each story.

The Golden Text of the lesson sets us up by declaring that nothing is too hard for God. As the calls come in this week, I will have the joyous opportuntity to see the truth of that. Elisha was present and welcomed into each of these situations. First, he is there when a drought threatened. When called upon to help, he promises them that even though they do not see evidence of rain, the dry ditches will fill, enough for them to drink and to water their cattle. The next morning, water poured through and filled the country. Drought can come in many forms, all of them claiming lack is present with no relief in sight. God, divine Love, can provide for all human needs right where no source seems to be.

In another story, a wealthy woman recognized Elisha as a true holy man and has a small loft prepared for his use whenever he passes by her house. He wishes to do something for her in return. He offers to put in a good word for her at court but she graciously refuses. She does not ask for that which is most precious, a child, as she has been barren for many years. But Elisha tells her that she will soon embrace a son. This comes to pass. So many people feel they are living barren lives without purpose or satisfying career or companionship. Money is not the answer. That woman was wealthy but it could not give her what she wanted most. God could and did.

Elisha travels to another part of the land where there is famine. He is welcomed with a gathering. One man brings 20 loaves of bread to share and some corn. But he fears it is not enough to feed the 100 men present. Elisha knows better. He says to go ahead and serve it out and that there would be left overs. This too comes to pass. Haven't you had the experience where you had a small something to give and it more than met the need? I have. Both as the giver and as one of those recieving of the gift. Mind is the multiplier. Only human perception divides what appears into little portions. Try multiplying your understanding of supply by seeing its infinite source in God, good. God's good never runs out, nor does it leave anyone out.

On another trip, Elisha is present when a man, cutting down trees, loses the axe head in the water. He is dismayed as it wasn't his, but borrowed. Elisha knows that nothing is too hard for God. The axe head floats to the surface and the man is able to retrieve it. Not even the laws of physics can stop good.

In each case, the prophet was welcomed, solutions appeared, good overcame fear or doubt. As you go through the day today, be on the lookout for prophets. Be one yourself. Be a spritual seer, see only good unfolding or evolving in your life. Expect solutions. Trust God. There is nothing too hard for Him. Stand still and watch it happen.

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