Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Double the blessings in November

I love November. Starting this first week I study the weekly Bible lesson as usual, but also start working with the Thanksgiving lesson that goes with our Thanksgiving Day service. This lesson is always filled with good ideas and uplifting thoughts. I get a few extra copies to share any time with those new to Christian Science.

This year's lesson is filled with references to planting and growing as a metaphor for what our Father is doing for us. He turns what seems to be a wilderness experience, a time when 'all material streams are dried' our prayer can help us see God as the source of unlimited supply. There is a Bible verse that refers to changing that 'dry spell' into 'standing water', something like a large lake that constantly remains at capacity. It continues to describe how dry ground, dried up savings or avenues for income, can become 'watersprings', fountains bubbling up with fresh water.

Another verse assures us that the fields we sow and plant will yield fruit. The prayer we do, the mental preparation, will yield the spiritualization of thought that brings results. Have you ever thought of yourself as a shepherd, overseeing you finances? You can do all the things a good shepherd does to guard and guide things. You can treat your income with kindness and tenderness, grateful for each paycheck or cash flow stream. You can work with Psalm 23 in this way and see how God is shepherding you and your needs all day long. In fact, the Golden Text of this lesson is from that Psalm: "My cup overflows with blessings". (New Living Translation of the Bible)

It is God who prepares the way, enriching our lives. He provides the 'corn', His Word. He 'waters the ridges', softening any resistence to it being accepted. He 'settles the furrows', allowing ideas to sink in and take root. He refreshes with 'soft showers'. Blessings just have to spring up under such conditions.

All that in just the Golden Text and Responsive Reading. I can hardly wait to absorb and use the rest of the lesson as well. Our family looks forward to attending the service on Thanksgiving Day. We love the portion of time set aside for those in the congregation to share their gratitude for the blessings of the past year. It keeps us mindful of what this Day is really all about. And the whole house smells so wonderful with that rich turkey aroma when we get home. All are welcome to attend and it is a great time to bring family and friends.

Enjoy the double blessing this month.

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