Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tis the season...to be still

Some of the most profound moments come when we are able to just be still and listen for them. It might occur in a favorite piece of music, at an important moment in a play, during a time of study and reflection. But how can one find those moments during the rush of the holiday season? By remembering what the holiday is all about. By taking time alone with God even in the midst of family and friends, work and chores. There is tremendous power in the ability to be still. It takes discipline and practice not to become distracted just when you need the quiet most.

Yet the reward of that sweet peace is worth the effort. What you gain is strength and faith in a power greater than yourself. An awareness of divine Love watching over all of its creation, yourself included. The power to see your day unfold before you with much checked off your 'to do' list.

An article I read recently spoke about creating a 'not-to-do' list. I will not allow myself to stressed out about money or the lack thereof. I will not get so involved in the hustle and bustle that I do not give someone my full attention, forget to smile, or use good manners. I will practice patience if I am stuck in a line, caught in traffic, trying to do several things at once. I will not forget to hum a familiar hymn along with the Christmas carols. I will not avoid people I dislike when we end up at the same event. You can certainly create your own list.

Imagine an enormous wheel, spinning along revolving on its axis. Right in the very center there is no movement at all. In the busiest life there should be a place where we can see ourselves at the hub of the wheel. Be still and know that God, good, is in control and His will is for blessings and grace.

Love every special thing about this holiday season and as you do so, make time to be still and feel your hand in God's hand. God bless us, every one.

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Anonymous said...

What a precious reminder...so vital and important at this time of year. I too was moved by the "not-to-do" list article...the challenge is to remember it in the heat of the hustle and bustle. The still small voice is always whispering to us...our task - to slow down and clear the clutter from our minds enough to hear it.

Indeed!! God bless us, everyone!!