Monday, November 17, 2008

Random thoughts about this week's Bible lesson

One of the things I like about studying Soul is the qualities that go with it and the ways that I can see these qualities as my own by reflection. This week's Bible lesson instructs me to 'let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon me'. After years of working with these Bible lessons I do not 'see' God as a man or woman but as divine Love, all-knowing Mind, absolute Truth. Those things are truly beautiful and that is what I am to be expressing as I go about my day. It is a call to stop being self-conscious and become more God-conscious. When one is self-conscious there are usually negative things attached to that. When one is God-conscious there are only positive images.

One of the sections has to do with spiritual problem solving and encourages me to learn new skills, to find new passages in both the Bible and Mrs. Eddy's writings. It is so easy to just turn to old favorites in time of challenge but sometimes what we really need is a new way to look at something or someone.

The lesson includes the story of Jesus' encounter with two blind men. I just love these examples of how he healed, meeting people right where they are and then lifting them up. I study these carefully to see just what he says and does. In this case, these two men had been following him around, calling out to him to have mercy on them. We do not know just how they came to be blind, from an accident or illness, born with that problem, a long-time thing or a recent affliction. We just know that they persisted in asking him for mercy.

They are so determined that they follow him into Peter's house, when most others would have gone home. He asks them a question. Do they believe that he is able to do this thing?Now it had been prophesied that when the Messiah came 'the eyes of the blind shall be opened'. I do not believe that had been happening during the Old Testament years. So in essence Jesus might have been asking them if they believed he was this promised Messiah. They had referred to him as the son of David and that was a name for the Messiah. But their faith could not just rest there. He appears to have ignored their earlier calls for help. He only seemed to yield when they would not go away without healing. They respond to his question with 'Yea, Lord'. How do we respond to this question when are asking God for healing? Do we really believe that whatever it is can be healed? Do we see that nothing is outside of God's ability? Are we persistent in our requests even when it appears that we are being ignored?

In other instances of Jesus healing blindness he helps the person along with a touch, once even with clay made from spit. This time he is asking them to accept this healing by his word alone. "According to your faith be it unto you". This incident concludes simply with their eyes being opened. Opened to their true identity as children of divine Love. That is how most healing happens.

Seeing is a quality of Soul and Soul and its attributes are forever manifested through man, they cannot be lost, damaged, deteriorate or be lost. If you are praying for help, study this passage from Matthew and your eyes will be opened to the wonder of the Christ present right here and right now.

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