Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas present idea

Give everyone you love a spiritual gift this year. Take a quiet moment, fix some hot chocolate and close out all distractions. Make a list of those you care most about. For each one, identify anything you might have been seeing as a personal challenge they are dealing with. Now change your thought about that. They are not stressed, over worked, under appreciated, ill, impatient, depressed or short tempered. Replace that with a mental picture of them smiling and happy. Put them in some beautiful place. Treat them to a carefree moment.

Watch for an opportunity to show that person love with a word, or an action, a guesture...and then mentally say "Merry Christmas".

Be alert for Christmas 'presence' and not so much emphasis on Christmas 'presents'. Look around for a star. Turn off all the other lights and just look at your Christmas tree. Think about the ornaments. Remember Christmas from other years.

God was the source of the great love Jesus gave everyone he met, regardless of their social standing, personal wealth, religious preference, or any other preference for that matter. He just loved everyone he encountered. God is the source of that same love within you.

If you had to make up a naughty and nice list, who would end up on the naughty side? Is there anything you can do about that? Just for the holidays try to see them differently. We never condone wrong behaviour or choices but we also shouldn't be judging and condemning others. It doesn't hurt them, only yourself.

If you are preparing a holiday treat, do it with care and a feeling of giving someone else a treat. I'm off to make Chex Mix myself.

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