Monday, December 29, 2008

Thou shalt a promise

This week we begin the first subject in the 26 rotating topics for our Bible lessons. We begin at the beginning with God. This lesson happens to be all about the Ten Commandments. I like the way it shows us that these rules teach just what God is and what we are as His image and likeness. I have found it very helpful to take the phrase 'thou shalt not' and read it as a promise that ' I will not' commit any of those mistakes. Not as if God were shaking His finger at me in anger, but more as if He is reassuring me with a loving hug that I won't do any of those things because I am His beloved child. And because I understand His goodness being poured out on me.

When I see that there is not other god that I think I can rely on, no other source for supply, or happiness, or health, then I am at peace and happy. Trusting Good and goodness to fill my needs. When I keep a 'sabbath' time, I am honoring God as the Creator. When I honor and obey my human parents, I am honoring my divine Father Mother. When I love my children, I am reflecting His love.

Because He is all good and loves me unconditionally, always supplying what I need there is never any temptation to treat any of his other children with hatred, or make hurtful statements to or about them. Because my heart is pure, I do not look with desire on things that are forbidden to me. Because I reflect good I will not take what is not mine, nor will I choose to lie about anyone or anything. I will always speak and know the truth and not be tempted to give a false impression or accept something, be a witness to something, that is not of God. And because I already have and include all that is freely given to me from my Father, I will never have a feeling of resentment against anyone for the things they have. All we have to do is love God, see that He is the only Cause and Creator, and we will not do wrong and that is a promise.

Prayer is more than a means to get God to give you what you want. Prayer teaches you to want what He wants to give you.

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