Monday, December 1, 2008

Off to Simon's House

I just finished reading an article in this week's Sentinel. The author is Keith Wommack and if he ever comes to your area to lectue, don't miss it! I just love what he explains about the story of Jesus and the woman who comes to wash his feet.

Think about where that woman's healing really began, on the way to Simon's house, where Jesus had been invited for dinner. She found the humility and grace to make the journey, knowing well what people thought of her, and what she had thought of herself. She gave up that past life, the cost of the expensive ointment she used to anoint his feet, the embarrassment and rejection she felt. All set aside by her deep gratitude to the Master and an irresistable impulse to show him her love. What courage! So deciding to do this thing and then following through began the healing.

Simon saw only a notorious sinner. He accepted the world's view of her. Jesus saw only God's daughter, pure and whole. He must have appreciated her motives and actions. He applauded her progress. If you have ever burned an expensive candle you know how that lovely aroma soon permeates the air. Think how the presence of the Christ must have sweetened the atmosphere wherever he went.

Keith points out that she must have recognized the difference between true humility and the unworthiness she had been accepting about herself. She did not want to carry around a false view any more. Simon failed to see any of that. But then, the Christ was sitting right with him and he failed to see that as well. Do we?

When she bathed Jesus feet she herself was cleansed and her healing was complete, acknowleged by the Master himself. Wouldn't we all love to feel that! If you are searching for healing in your life, think about this woman and her journey. Start your own path 'to Simon's house'. I know I'll be thinnking about this today.

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