Thursday, March 12, 2009


This week's Bible lesson is on Substance. Sub means under. Stance means standing. What are you standing on? What do you stand for? Many of the Bible characters mentioned in the Responsive Reading had to answer those questions. Enoch's understanding of substance allowed him to be 'translated' so that he did not experience death. Abraham had to lean on his faith when God directed him to leave his comfortable home at the age of 75 and set out without even knowing quite where he was going. Abraham had to have a very clear understanding of 'home' to do that, and to take everyone with him. Moses chose to separate himself from the privledged life of an Egyptian prince and return to his roots. Then he did even more than that when he led the people totally away from Egypt and lives of slavery.

We all face questions of just how we are perceiving our life, our family, our job, our church. Just what we understand those to be. When all else seems to fail, what can we rely on not to fail us. When 'all material streams are dry', where can we turn for a stream of income. When we feel very much alone, who can be our best friend and companion? Where do we see ourselves fitting in? Waht do we have to give?

One good place to at the beginning. Genesis One. God is the sole creator and when His work is done, He is pleased. "All things were made by Him and without Him was not anything made that was made." Only what God says exists actually exists. Has true substance. And that substance can't ever run out, be used up, delayed.

Oh, I know. Here it comes. But. How many sentences start with that thought! But. But I don't have a job. But I don't have a family. But I don't have good health. As soon as that negativity creeps in, you know you have taken yourself out of the first account of creation and are identifying with Genesis Two. The land of Mist. The land of Missed. Man made of the dust of the ground. Made created to toil for his livelihood. Get out of there! Why would you even want to stay there? Go back to seeing yourself as made in the image and likeness of God. What is true about Him is true about you by reflection. Is God has all He needs, so do you. If God is in perfect health, so are you. If whatever the problem seems to be doesn't appear to be happening to God, it can't touch you either. True substance. True understanding of just who and what you are. Gratitude. Peace. Happiness. Contentment. Opportunities to reach out and help others. Opportunities to be the one helped. Wake up. Get out of that Adam dream and see that you never really left God's, good's, presence.

Mrs. Eddy writes that every function of the real man is governed by God, by the divine Mind that is all-knowing and all-loving. You can trust in that. Just like it says on our coins. In the first account of Genesis all is harmonious and eternal. Sounds pretty good. It is pretty good. See yourself there. Let that be your foundation, the rock you stand on, lifted above life's challenges. Your under-standing. Your true substance.

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