Friday, October 30, 2009

Standing pools and no decreases

I love the Bible. I love studying the Bible. I just love it when something I read opens up with new meaning. Recently I purchased a new parallel Bible. It allows the reader to compare four modern translations; the New King James version, the English Standard version, the New Living Translation, and The Message. I hope you are familiar with one or more of these versions. I am using it this morning as I continue to study the Thanksgiving Lesson.

So many requests for prayer and treatment are related to supply. The first section of the Lesson offers some help in that area. Psalm 107 says that God turns the wilderness into a standing water and the ground into watersprings. One of the translations changes ground into parched land. I can see using this to pray about dried up sources of finance or emptied bank accounts or limited employment. Another translation changes standing water into fresh pool of water. I like the image of what appears to be a dried up source changed into a pool of fresh water; sweet, clean, refreshing, giving off a perfect reflection.

I have never been to Niagra Falls but understand it is totally awe inspiring to stand beside it and see the amount of water that is flowing...and flowing....and flowing. What a visual presentation of abundance being constantly renewed and expressed.

We also read that God blesses us, multiplying us greatly and suffers not our cattle to decrease. I don't happen to own any livestock but I devote my full time and attention to being available for Christian Science treatment, Christian healing. Giving my days over to loving God and praying for His children is my occupation and I expect it to expand and increase. What Christian Science offers is healing and the world is looking for it. I can expect those calls to increase, not decrease. Whatever your occupation is, you can expect more opportunities to use the gifts and talents God has given you to increase. This in turn brings in more supply, not just in money but in spiritual growth.

So be aware of that lovely pool of water being provided for you. Know that divine Love is blessing you daily, multiplying the good in your life.

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