Tuesday, October 27, 2009


So just what is it for which we are to be giving thanks? We live in challenging times. The world seems sunk in depression, many are struggling with finances, the news is filled with health threats. How does one keep thought uplifted and grateful? It all goes back to God. The Thanksgiving Bible Lesson opens with a Golden Text from Psalms. "Sing unto the Lord with thanksgiving". Have you ever sung to God? Have you ever taken a moment to sing your gratitude for the good that is already present in your life? We all should find time for that every day. Watch for and be aware of the good happening all around you.

Many people have those hand-held music thingies with playlists of their favorite songs. They listen to them often. Somewhere in your own personal favorites there must be a line about love. Try adapting it to sing silently to God and tell Him you love Him. That warm feeling you get is Him singing "I love you back".

The Lesson continues with a Responsive Reading that encourages you to make that joyful noise, coming into His presence with praise. What are we so happy about? He is our God and we are the sheep in His pasture. He is our Father Mother and we are His beloved children. He is divine Mind and we are what He is thinking about. He is Love and we are what He is loving.

I love the description in this section of what God does for us. He prepares the 'corn' and provides it, the things we will need. (Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need) Once we plant this 'corn,' this seed, in thought, it needs to be tended and nourished. So He waters the soil, a softening influence in stony or stubborn ground. He settles the furrows, smoothing out the rough patches in life. He keeps it soft with showers, showers of goodness and blessing. He blesses what springs forth as a result. All this leads to a wonderful harvest, the coming to fruition of our prayers and hopes. Your 'year', your efforts are crowned with success and there should be rejoicing on every side. What blesses one, blesses all. Those green pastures are now filled with flocks; flocks of ideas, evidence of abundance, glowing health. You should be moved to shout with joy.

But God is satisfied with that quiet song. A simple 'I love You'. Sing one today.

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