Monday, October 26, 2009

Getting ready for Thanksgiving

I know, I know, Halloween hasn't come yet and here I am talking about Thanksgiving. But it is one of my favorite holidays and especially dear to me as a Christian Scientist. Our churches hold a service on Thanksgiving Day. You are invited. If you can't get to a service, you can get the Thanksgiving Bible Lesson in the form of a small pamphlet. I'd be delighted to send you one!

So, over the next few weeks that is what my blog will be about. Thanksgiving and the some of the thoughts in this wonderful lesson. You can be thinking back on some of your families gatherings. Remember those feasts and be grateful for those who spent hours and hours getting all those yummy dishes ready, set a beautiful table, did the cleaning up, and set out all those leftovers for turkey sandwiches while you watched the reruns of the Macy's parade or Miracle on 34th Street.

This is a time for happiness and gratitude. Make the most of it for the next few weeks. It is a very satisfying thing to do.

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